14 September 2014

Healthy Classic Dish Twist - Vegetable Hotpot (Vegan)

This picture doesn't quite do credit to the rich colours and flavours inside this piece. I adapted a recipe from a Good Housekeeping healthy recipe book to make this. Discouraged by claims from certain companies that their ready meals are "good for you", I wanted to make a vegetable hotpot for my family that actually was. I myself had never tried a vegetable hotpot before, and I'm not the greatest fan of some of the ingredients (hello celery!), however, the ingredients blend together well so that nothing is too potent. With seven of your "5-a-day", this meal contains minimal processed food and is incredibly filling. It's perfect for a family meal on an autumn night. My only warning is, it does take it's time to make!

Ingredients (makes 6 servings):

1lb carrots
1 large onion
2 cloves garlic
3 celery sticks
1lb white flesh sweet potatoes
100g swede
Small can of butter beans
2 vegetable stock cubes
100g frozen peas
3 slices granary bread (for breadcrumbs)
Ground black pepper
Mixed herbs

1.) Preheat the oven to 180 degrees for an electric oven.

2.) Peel and chop the onion,garlic, sweet potato, carrots and celery. I decided to use white flesh sweet potato because I thought that the taste of yellow flesh ones would be slightly too sweet for this recipe.

3.) Layer the vegetables in a casserole dish. Carrots go in first, followed by the onion and garlic, then celery, then potatoes, and finally swede on top.

4.) Make 450ml stock with the stock cubes. Stir in mixed herbs and ground black pepper. I used about two teaspoons mixed herbs.

5.) Pour over the vegetables. 

6.) Cover and place into the oven for one hour.

7.) Cook the peas. Drain the butter beans. Place on top of the other vegetables. 

8.) Place the bread in a food processor. Blend until you have created breadcrumbs. Pour over the top of the vegetables, making sure everywhere is covered.

9.) Place back in the oven for 20 minutes.

10.) Enjoy! I added gravy to mine to add a bit more moisture, but it's perfectly fine on its own!

Steph :)

All photos are property of Sophie Hartley

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