24 September 2014

John Frieda Frizz Ease Product Review

If you read my blog often you'll know that I recently was given an awesome care package by my sister as a kind of you-didn't-get-paid-for-four-weeks-of-interning present. Alongside some pretty useful tea tree products (see review here) she got me some John Frieda Frizz Ease serum. Excuse the horrendous top and "I'm so done" face in the last picture; I foolishly took these whilst trying to pack my life into boxes ready for final year at uni.

To use it you put a minimal amount on the palm of your hand (which means it'll last forever - always a bonus!), rub your hands together and ease through wet hair. Then use whatever styling products you desire. I went for myRemington hairdryer which, after over two years of use, is still pretty powerful. As well as controlling frizz and protecting your hair from humidity, this serum also protects it from heat. 

I'm going to now make sure that I use this every time I want to blow dry and straighten my hair as I was incredibly impressed with the results. Not only did it give my hair controlled waves, but it also made it super soft. And what girl doesn't want that? After I used it the first time I spent all day aggravating my family and boyfriend by asking them to "feel how soft my hair is" because I was just SO amazed by it. I've used serums in the past, but admittedly since I've started uni they've always seemed like some kind of long lost luxurious dream/memory, so this has really put me back on track with my hair care!

Have you used it before? What did you think?


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