8 September 2014


Mint Julips Lip Scrub
Love Lettuce Face Mask
Charity Pot Hand Cream

So, I've always had a soft spot for LUSH (and not only because it smells so good every time you walk past!) and the ethos they exhibit through all of their products and services. Unfortunately, there isn't one in the town I live in whilst at university, so I took the plunge whilst I was at home this summer and grabbed a bunch of new stuff. 

I've got a super bad habit of chewing my lip (ugh) and really need something to encourage me not to and keep my skin conditioned. I've been using the Mint Julip lip scrub for a couple of weeks and although it hasn't exactly produced miracles, I have noticed that the skin on my lips is a lot less flaky and hard. 

The hand cream was a bit of an impulse buy I must say. I always feel guilty for not giving enough money to charity, so getting some hand cream seemed like a pretty good way to give back to the world. I get quite chapped hands in the winter, but I've found in the past that hand creams are always a bit too greasy for my skin. So far this one seems a bit better, and it smells quite good too, which is always a plus. 



The face mask was my main buy of the lot. I have combination skin, which means that a face mask that moisturises my skin without making it too greasy is hard to find. However, I think I'm onto a winner. A member of staff at the store I purchased it from suggested that it was the best one they sold for combination skin, and that it is designed to make your skin glow. I've used it twice now and it hasn't let me down on either front. My skin feels soft, moisturised, and (most importantly) I come away from the process feeling completely refreshed. 

What are your favourite LUSH products?


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