6 December 2015

A Lovers' Trip | Hunstanton Seal Sanctuary

Me and the boyfriend were lucky enough to celebrate our third year together at the Hunstanton seal sanctuary last month visiting rescued seal pups. This sanctuary takes in both adult seals and seal pups from UK coasts which have been wounded in some way or another, either by other creatures, or unfortunately by physical or environmental human impact. 

So, we did something to help them out, and adopted one of the rescued seal pups, a little lady called Feast. When Feast was first brought in she was seriously underweight, and needed a lot of TLC, and that's exactly what she's getting from the guys in Hunstanton. We had such a great day seeing Feast happily playing with the other seal pups, and I was overjoyed to realise that as part of our adoption of Feast we would get to return to see him released back into the wild, to make new friends and finally be back where he ought to be. 

The best part of this day was realising that we could do something positive with our love, and improve another life. So, this Christmas I've decided to engage with charity, giving away 1/3 of my clothes and books, rather than selling them as originally planned. What are you guys doing this Christmas to help others?


  1. Adopting an animal like that is such a thoughtful and effective idea. Lovely pictures!


    1. It was an amazing day, and I can't wait to see Feast released at full health!

      Steph x

  2. Great post! Lovely pictures!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  3. Oh wow, what a great experience. That is a great gift you are doing this Christmas too.



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