9 January 2016

Let's Get Going | 2016 Fitness Wishlist

There's something about fitness websites that make me almost start to salivate.Everything is so colourful and beautiful, making me want to snap it up completely. I mean, there's nothing more confidence boosting in the gym than strolling in in something that's not my bog standard joggers and a Primark vest top that's more than a little out of shape, old and somehow always manages to show my bra straps.

So, as a lot of us are taking up the gym again, I thought I'd share my favourites out there at the moment. And I'm thanking my lucky stars that my internet cut out before I got too deep into the Lululemon website - that place is heaven for yoga and fitness fans!

From top left to bottom right:

Just Live Inc. Winter Ice Leggings

Boohoo Alexis Fit Run It Racer Back Vest

Lululemon Down For A Run Jacket

Lululemon Splendour Bra

Just Live Inc. Floral Equinox Cropskin Leggings

Lululemon Boogie Short Roll Down

Lululemon Wild Tank

Just Live Inc. I Saw That - Karma White

Just Live Inc. Coral Garden Leggings

What have you got your eyes on this year?


  1. The middle leggings are really nice. I'm not really that big on gym wear as I'm happy wearing anything to workout in... as you can tell I'm not a gym fanatic. But hoping to get going again soon since I'm starting to eat healthy I need that extra to help me shed those extra pounds and tone up.


    1. They're nice and girly! I really need to start going regularly again

      Steph - http://nourishmeclean.blogspot.com

  2. I love the look of those Winter ice leggings, so pretty :-D

    Christine x
    Makeup, Beauty & Fashion

    1. I'm glad, they'd make you look super cool (get it?) heading into the gym haha

      Steph x

  3. Those winter ice leggings are gorgeous!

    Raisie xx


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