17 July 2018

Mid-year(ish) 2018 goals update: where am I now?

Mid-year(ish) 2018 goals update: where am I now? - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

2018 has been the speediest year of my life, but also one of, if not the absolute, best. I'm working in a job I love, I've got a strong support network around me and I've even managed to keep a plant alive for a whole month. Everything's comin' up Milhouse.

16 July 2018

10 things I learnt from reading 'The Vagina Monologues'

10 things I learnt from reading The Vagina Monologues - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

I don't use 'life changing' to describe a book very often, but I've got to use it now. The Vagina Monologues is a short play by Eve Ensler, and the edition I have has an absolutely incredible Foreword by Gloria Steinem. This was a quick, but heavy read, and although I would recommend it to anybody, I'll give the recommendation with a massive trigger warning for sexual assault.

15 July 2018

Reading in Heels July subscription box

Reading in Heels July subscription box - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

This has to be the most aesthetically pleasing subscription box that I've laid eyes on. Everything matches perfectly, and the strong reds and yellows mirror our British summer in a blaze of heat. A great bonus is that the contents of this box are fab too.

14 July 2018

Getting fresh with summer scents from Korres*

Getting fresh with summer scents from Korres*

July so far has been a month of perpetual sweat and sighs of 'oh god it's hot in here isn't it?!'. We're still in the middle of this never-ending heatwave also known as a disturbingly hot British summer. Showering has become one of the only blissful parts of the day, apart from that odd waft of breeze that cools the sweat on the back of your neck (tasty).

12 July 2018

The Make Someone Happy book (and why we should all give creative journalling a go)

The Make Someone Happy book (and why we should all give creative journalling a go)

The Make Someone Happy book (and why we should all give creative journalling a go)

I find being creative with no boundaries or guidance really, truly hard. Hand me a piece of paper and a pencil and tell me to draw what I want and I'm lost. I'll dither, get anxious and end up producing something that objectively looks shit. From anyone's point of view. But, hand me some instructions, and a little extra guidance and I'm golden.

10 July 2018

Scrapbooking in my bullet journal and how it's helping my mental health

Scrapbooking in my bullet journal and how it's helping my mental health

Bullet journals were always something I thought I wasn't creative enough to do, or wouldn't get on with at all, but as it turns out, that's just not true. I ADORE my dotty little book of ideas, plans and memories. 

A few months ago I got totally absorbed by the idea of starting a scrapbook to document my favourite times so that I could look back on them when I'm sad. Aaaand then I realised I totally had a mini scrapbook at the ready in the form of my bullet journal? 

8 July 2018

Turning 24, getting promoted, and some June favourites

Turning 24, getting promoted, and some June favourites

June was a pretty epic month if I'm honest, and I can't imagine having ended the first half of 2018 in a better way. The month got kickstarted with having my dad's family over for a birthday barbecue in the new house. It's the first time I've hosted something like this, and it was hella stressful but also made for some incredible memories.

7 July 2018

New in from Trigger Publishing: 'Must Try Harder: Adventures in Anxiety'*

New in from Trigger Publishing: 'Must Try Harder: Adventures in Anxiety'
The title of this book raised my hackles a little, as myself, and so many other people who have suffered from anxiety, have been told that if we just tried a bit harder, we'd *actually* be able to do things. Thankfully this was not what this book was about at all. The author uses this phrase in her own blog, a precursor to the book called 'Paula Must Try Harder' to subvert the negativity that people with mental illnesses have had thrown at them, using it in a fairly comedic way to document her fight against anxiety.

5 July 2018

Trying out Soap and Glory makeup

Trying out Soap and Glory makeup - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk
I think it's pretty clear by this point that I'm no beauty blogger, BUT makeup does make me feel that extra snippet more confident, especially when I'm at work. Soap & Glory have been one of my favourite skincare brands for a couple of years now, and mostly because their products just smell so damn good. Now though, I'm a full convert to their makeup range too, and it's definitely one of the most underrated ones I've come across.

1 July 2018

5 year travel bucket list

5 year travel bucket list - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

This heatwave has me dreaming of poolside vacations with a cocktail (including a tiny umbrella) in hand, slathered in sun cream because my pasty Irish heritage makes me a little bit of a lobster. But, after moving, taking two driving tests and getting insured over the last couple of months, a summer holiday just isn't on the cards this year. Instead, I'm going to grab a cold cider and write this, pretending that it means I'm *basically* on holiday.

30 June 2018

It's okay to leave people on 'read'

It's okay to leave people on 'read'

My phone is pretty much permanently glued to my side in 2018. From scrolling through Insta to chatting on Whatsapp to hunting down the best memes on twitter, I am obsessed. But, being so clingy to my phone means there's a total expectation that you can reply to messages instantly; so what happens when your mental health means you can't?

28 June 2018

Reading in Heels June subscription box

Reading in Heels June subscription box - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

This heatwave has me wanting to sit down, preferably in an ice bath, reading a book and never moving whilst a fan wafts a cool breeze on to my skin. I mean, my reality is that I've spent a lot of time curled up in a sweaty heap on the sofa reading this week, but they're almost the same, right? 

19 June 2018

New in from Trigger Publishing: My Review of 'Shiny Happy Person'*

New in from Trigger Publishing: A Review of 'Shiny Happy Person'*
2018 is turning out to be a year of really getting into mental health-based autobiographical(ish) books, and I never thought it would be. Trigger is an independent publishing company that produces mental health books across the globe. I had no idea that such a company existed until they got in touch, but I'm so glad one does! They kindly asked if I would like to review a couple of books from their 'Inspirational series' and I just couldn't pass up the chance to give it a go.

18 June 2018

Running my first ever real 5K (I actually sorta did it?!) and a fundraising update

Running my first ever real 5K (I actually sorta did it?!)
On Sunday I ran my first ever 5K as an adult. I'd done a couple as a kid, but I'm not sure they really count ... mostly because I remember my dad having to come around with me, telling me I couldn't stop half way around. 

This is the only snap I managed to get of me pre-race (no one wants to see the post-race sweaty mess). At this point I finally started to get a little  nervous. I was about to run this thing on my own, and seeing everyone else lining up in pairs or groups at the start line was a little unsettling.

16 June 2018

I went a week without internet (and it was great)

I went a week without internet (and it was great) - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

Moving house is basically the most inconvenient thing in the world. Packing, changing addresses on everything (and always missing a few things you're signed up to), finding a new home, unpacking, aligning your move in and out dates. It's an absolute bitch. And once you get there, you are lucky enough to have no internet/TV/anything nice for a few weeks because of the constant delay on installations that every internet supplier has.

15 June 2018

25 things I want to do before turning 25: Two years on

25 things I want to do before turning 25: Two years on

Our priorities change as we age, but a couple of years ago I wrote down a big list of 25 things I really wanted to do before I hit the age of 25. After celebrating my 24th birthday almost a fortnight ago, the pressure's now on in this last year to get up to scratch and find my way through this big ol' list.

14 June 2018

Spring favourites and a lil' catch up

Spring favourites and a lil' catch up - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk
Long time no favourites, eh? Everything's been a bit sporadic on my blog over the last few months whilst I find my feet in my new home. I moved house at the end of April and I've spent a lot of time making it feel more homely and really getting comfortable here. 

12 June 2018

May book haul

May book haul - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

I've been on a bit of a book-buying ban over the past couple of months, which came to a very abrupt end. I found a new (super beautiful) charity book shop to scour, I got paid and things got out of control. But, my shelves look extra colourful (and heavy) now, so all's well that ends well, right?!

28 May 2018

40 ways to practise self-care

40 ways to practise self-care

Self-care is a word that comes with a whole lot of baggage at the moment IMO, but most of us aren't 'completely fine' and need self-care to help with that. Self-care is so varied and something we all should engage in, whether or not we feel as though we're struggling with our mental health right now. I've got a whole post on 'what counts as self care' that went up last week, and this is sort of a part 2. So, here's a big ol' collection of ways to practise self-care. 

1.) Make your bed. Plump your pillows up, smooth out the duvet, and put that pesky sheet corner that always pops off right back on.

2.) Make yourself your favourite snack. Mine's nachos, or melted chocolate and strawberries *drools*.

3.) Do some yoga. Stretch and feel all the contours of your body; love them.

4.) Make a big ol' hot chocolate, and smother it in whipped cream. If that's not your jam, then make a steamy coffee, tea or herbal tea, mmm.

5.) Cosy up under a blanket, in your fave PJs and have a good nap. Allow yourself to rest.

6.) Have a cry, let it out and then work on what you need to do next.

7.) Cleanse your skin and do a face mask. 

8.) Have a long steamy shower, exfoliate and get yo legs all smooth.

9.) Cook a new recipe that you've wanted to try for ages but cba.

10.) Bake something you made as a child.

11.) Do a puzzle.

12.) Go for a long walk, or a jog. Plug your earphones in and switch off from life.

13.) Stroke a doggo (the ultimate form of self care tbh).

14.) Make a duvet fort in the living room, and leave it up for as long as you want.

15.) Get a pal over and watch your favourite ever film. Eat copious amounts of popcorn.

16.) Read *that* intimidating book you've been putting off forever (mine's Game of Thrones).

17.) Order your favourite takeout.

18.) Tidy your house. Put everything away you've mean *meaning* to sort out for weeks but keep ignoring. Everything seems a little better in a tidier house.

19.) Watch Netflix until it asks if you're still watching. Continue to watch.

20.) Do all the life admin that's been looming over your head that you're ignoring. Call the doctors, make that dentists appointment, file all the important mail that's piling up. Get it all done in one fell swoop.

21.) Take care of your body; go to the doctors/dentists if you're in pain. Love yourself enough to take the time to seek care.

22.) Take yourself away from toxic people. It can be hard to remove them from your life, but removing yourself from the situation at least is something that is vital.

23.) Get in touch with a pal. Ask them how they are and let them know if you're struggling. Reach out.

24.) Blast your favourite music and dance/sing around the house.

25.) Do something creative. Write some fiction, paint, draw, colour, sew.

26.) Get all dressed up and go out for a meal. Feel good about yourself.

27.) Internet shopping (but not to the point of sending yourself into a whirlwind of THERE GOES MY BILL MONEY).

28.) Take your bra off as soon as you get in from work. Let those titties be free.

29.) Drink water, keep yourself hydrated.

30.) Use sun cream in the summer. Sometimes self care is literally just looking after yourself.

31.) Have a bath smothered in bubbles, that makes you smell like some kind of angelic fairy when you get out.

32.) Moisturise your skin.

33.) Revise for exams, do uni work, do your school work; study.

34.) Read some poetry, find something that resonates with you.

35.) Wash your bed sheets, the throws you keep around your house, your blankets. Make the whole house smell fresh and beautiful. 

36.) Use some hand cream. Spend a while working out the knots and tensions in your hands.

37.) Paint those nails, or go and get your gels on, treat yo self.

38.) Book a day's holiday off work if you're feeling low. Allow yourself some time out.

39.) Pack your favourite lunch for work (and then feel smug about it all day).

40.) Light candles all around the house, make it cosy.

I hope there's some ideas in here that help! Self care is simply about looking after and loving ourselves. It can be hard at times to think of it as a daily necessity, but it really is.

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27 May 2018

How using spreadsheets changed the way I blog

How using spreadsheets changed the way I blog

I bloody love spreadsheets. I'm not sure if it's the thrill of being able to do maths quickly on them (it's a bit of a rollercoaster tbh) or the fact that it makes me feel somewhat organised in life, but me and Excel have a bit of a fancy love affair going on. Soz word, but you're a bit too much of a basic bitch nowadays. 

26 May 2018

What counts as self-care?

What counts as self-care? - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

As we wave goodbye to colder weather, I always find it harder to think about self care. I'm sure we've all seen *that* viral tweet about self care not always being about $20 face masks and LUSH bath bombs, but the idea of self-care and taking time out to be selfish in a positive way has only really gained a lot of strength in the last couple of years. And it's still very mainstream, aka treating yoself to a bath bomb being self-care. Everything is all pretty much based around the hygge ideal: cosying up in soft blankets with an organic face mask, hot cocoa, fairy lights and a film. But that doesn't really work in summer, and I'm so glad to see a whole lot of people questioning this now.

25 May 2018

2018 Book Bucket List

2018 Book Bucket List

At the start of the year I did a big roundup of my top ten books of 2017, and when I checked through my Goodreads to see what I'd read, I realised that I'd read a lot of shit books. I'd been saving all the good books for a rainy day and reading things I thought I ought to, or that I figured had been sat around on my shelf for too long. I don't want that to happen this year, so I'm making a big list of all the books I want to read in the rest of 2018 (although I'm sure there will be others!), and I'm pretty proud to say that I've kickstarted this by reading two already since I took these photos.

15 May 2018

April Reading in Heels sub box

April Reading in Heels sub box

I'm back from a big ol' blogging break and I've wanted to write this post for weeks now so here we are. I'm so gutted I didn't get my hands on May's box (moving house absolutely shipwrecked my finances), but April's was absolutely incredible and I'm definitely going to order June's.

13 May 2018

Where have I been?

Where have I been?

There's been absolute radio silence over here for almost a month now and ... it's been kind of great. So great that I toyed with the idea of quitting blogging completely, but I really found myself missing it at times. 

14 April 2018

11 books I want to buy this Spring

11 books I want to buy this Spring

Today I'm living vicariously through this post because I'm on a bit of a self-induced book buying ban due to 'the big move' (which is happening in less than two weeks, and we still haven't found a new place to move into yet, but IT'S FINE). My TBR pile is basically my entire bookshelf at this point, but there are some really great books out there that I NEED to get my hands on.

13 April 2018

Five year goals

Five year goals

It's hella scary to think that in five years' time I'll be 28 because that is officially well into ~adulthood~ and I'm meant to have my life in order by then (but then again, 18-year-old me probably thought that the same would be true for now). Earlier this week I wrote a really personal post all about my fears for the future, and whilst it's so important to acknowledge that we're all a bit scared about what the future might include, I think it's important to remember that it's exciting too.

8 April 2018

Fears for the future as a twenty-something

Fears for the future as a twenty-something not fully ready for adult life

Thinking about the future is absolutely bloody terrifying. It falls into that 'fear of the unknown' category that has me scared of the sea (who knows what nasty creatures are swimming beneath you) and the dark (because if you run up the stairs as soon as you turn the lights off there's no way any monsters/intruders can get you). It's something that we can't control, and that makes it pretty horrifying tbh.

7 April 2018

Ethical tourism (or how not to be a prick on holiday)

Ethical tourism (or how not to be a prick on holiday)

Going on holiday is kinda just the best thing. There's no chores, you're spending quality time with people you love, visiting places you've never seen before and making memories at every turn. It's starting to get to that time of year where we're all thinking about booking a holiday, and we all v much need one because 2018 has been SO COLD so far. 

6 April 2018

Decluttering my home before moving: tips and tricks

Decluttering my home before moving: tips and tricks

Decluttering things is a massive ballache isn't it? It wounds my fragile little heart to say goodbye to things I've picked up on a whim, or have been hoarding for years and never used. But, with exactly three weeks to go before moving house I need to get my butt in gear. This post was meant to go up a few weeks ago, and whilst I've made a start on the whole declutter, I've not got anywhere near as far as I want to. So, this is a 'kick me up the butt' kinda post, as well as some tips on how and what and when to declutter.

5 April 2018

Little things that make me happy

Little things that make me happy
Life feels a bit overwhelming at the moment. From moving house, to having a driving test booked in for less than two weeks' time(!), the adulting is real right now. So, I'm scaling things back to think about all the tiny things that bring a smile to my face, or stop the tears, or just make me feel a little more content. Sometimes it's so easy to overlook all these little things, so this is a reminder to me and to you that there are so many things out there that can make your heart a little happier.

4 April 2018

March favourites and life update

March favourites and life update

March was one of those months that you spend gearing up for things. Or at least, it was for me. I finally booked my driving test (which I'll be taking later this month, eeek), and we've been hunting for a new home to start renting towards the end of this month. We still haven't found one, or sorted out the house, or made any attempts at packing whatsoever. Can you tell I'm *slightly* stressed about it?

2 April 2018

3 bloggers I've been loving recently

3 bloggers I've been loving recently - March 2018

The blogosphere has been absolutely filled with incredible content this month tbh. I've fallen in love again with blogs I haven't read in a long time, I've found so many new ones to read and I've spent a whole lot of time just reading posts again. Basically bloggers have been killing it in March IMO. 

1 April 2018

March book haul

March book haul: classics, thrillers, YA fiction and more!

I promised myself that after February's book haul got out of hand I'd tone it down this month, but here we are. I've made a pact with myself to only buy books that I think have v pretty covers, which was an attempt to develop some self control. However, now I just have a buttload of beautiful books so I think I'm still the real winner here.

31 March 2018

10 things I learnt from bingewatching Naked Attraction

10 things I learnt from bingewatching Naked Attraction

I've finally caught up and watched every season of Naked Attraction. If you haven't seen the show, it's one of those out-there things that Channel 4 created (why is it always Channel 4 with the weird and wonderful shows?!). One person goes on the show, and are faced with six naked bodies in misted glass boxes. The bodies are chosen based on that person's preferences, and what they're attracted to. As the show goes on, more and more of the naked bodies are revealed, and the person has to ultimately choose their favourite to go out with.

30 March 2018

Focusing on doing nothing: a millenial's nightmare

Focusing on doing nothing: a millenial's nightmare

I'm feeling completely overwhelmed at the moment. I've been ill, I'm breaking out all the time, I'm tired and grumpy and I've basically been pushing myself way too hard in the past few months. I've been ignoring my body when it's told me it's tired because 'omg if Zoella took as many breaks as I do she wouldn't be Zoella'. Well that's not entirely what goes through my head, but you get the gist.

25 March 2018

Starting a bullet journal

Starting a bullet journal - what I use for it, and my first few pages

I'm so excited to share my first bullet journal post with you all, even if it is roughly three years later than everyone else. I'm loving my bullet journal more than I ever imagined, and with the masses of bujo inspiration out there now, I'm kinda glad I waited. I've got big plans for this little journal of mine, and I can't wait to share my favourite pages and set ups and also learn more and more about all the things you can do with these. 

24 March 2018

Fragrance Shelfie

Fragrance Shelfie - a little snapshot of all my fragrances and why I love each of them

I have a secret for you all: I'm a full on fragrance hoarder. I'm *that* person that doesn't ever want to finish a bottle of anything because omg what if I'm looking for that precise scent and no longer have it?! Does anyone else have this fear? 

22 March 2018

Glasses are part of my identity

Glasses are part of my identity

I've been wearing glasses since I was ten. By now you'd hope I'd be 100% used to wearing them all day every day, mostly because I can't see without the bloody things, but sometimes I get a little thrown off. However, glasses are a part of who I am. I feel permanently grateful that I live in a time and a place in which I'm able to own glasses because the world is a total mystery without them.

20 March 2018

50 things to do instead of self-harming *TW*

50 things to do instead of self-harming *TW*

This post isn't meant to be some kind of prescriptive list; it's not something to tick off. It's something that I hope will help you to find a way that works for you when you feel like self-harming is the only option. It's by no means an exhaustive list, but I've combined all the things that have worked in the past for me with things that have helped friends and acquaintances. 

18 March 2018

What to do when you run out of blog post ideas

What to do when you run out of blog post ideas

I think we all go through periods where thinking up new content gets trickier than normal. Whether you're not happy with your current content, and don't know what direction to take new posts in, or if you've just got a case of blogger's block, it happens to us all. 

15 March 2018

Reading in Heels March Subscription Box

Reading in Heels March Subscription Box

I'm officially full on obsessed with monthly sub boxes from Reading in Heels. They've become my £10 pay day treat, and I look forward to them so much each month. For a tenner (plus £2.40 P&P) you get a book and three or four goodies to go with it, that are loosely themed for each box. Last month's box was all about Valentines, and this time around it's focusing on Spring. 

14 March 2018

Feeling homesick for a place that doesn't exist

Feeling homesick for a place that doesn't exist

The last few months there's been something a little off that I couldn't quite put my finger on, or fix. I eventually realised that it was homesickness, but not for somewhere I could visit, or even move back to, but instead for a place that no longer exists, or perhaps never did in the first place.

13 March 2018

How I built up my writing portfolio

How I built up my writing portfolio

Over the past few years I've worked really, genuinely hard on creating a good writing portfolio. Although my efforts have waned in the last seven or eight months after finally getting a full time job that I love, it really was a priority for a while.

12 March 2018

Review of 'Between the Lies' by Cathy MacPhail*

Review of 'Between the Lies' by Cathy MacPhail*

This year is the year that I'm DETERMINED to become the bookworm I was in my childhood. And two and a half months in, I can safely say that I really am doing this, and I love it. 

11 March 2018

February favourites and life update

February favourites and life update

February absolutely whizzed by (let's use this as my reason for this going up so late). I've been focusing on trying to take some time out and actually switch off a little, so things have been a little more quiet on this blog than normal. But, once I've got a grip on, well, life, it should all get back to normal.

5 March 2018

Book of the month - The Handmaid's Tale

Book of the month - The Handmaid's Tale

I'm not into scary things. Horror movies, creepy stories, the dark, you get the gist. What I'm trying to say is that I'm a big wimp. And the non-traditional scary things (the expanse of the ocean, the fact that we're a tiny weeny planet whirring around in a massive universe etc) make me even more scared. Basically The Handmaid's Tale petrified me and has made me an eco-warrior wreck for weeks, only wanting to force the importance of recycling and feminism on people because y'know, without these things our world could get really fucked up.

3 March 2018

February book haul

February book haul

I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but things got a *little* out of hand last month. Between a big ol charity book shop with a friend, being sent a couple of books and coming across so many that I needed, this is going to be the biggest book haul I've ever done on here. So grab a tea, and let's chat books.

27 February 2018

Reading in Heels February Subscription Box

Reading in Heels February Subscription Box

It's so cold and bleak outside, so I've got *the* cosiest post to share today. Last month I tried out my first Reading in Heels sub box and loved it (you can see the post on it here). This subscription box costs £10 and you get a book alongside 4 or 5 goodies to go with it. Basically it's my dream?? It's something that I was so SO excited to get in the post this month, and the little treats are things that I'm using gradually as the month wanes on.