25 January 2018

Calm Harm App

Calm Harm App - an app for those struggling with self harm

I first heard about this app in a tweet, and naturally assumed it was too good to be a real thing, a hoax that got RTed a few too many times. But, having downloaded it myself and checked it out, the Calm Harm app is real, and it's incredible. It's a free app designed to help people that self harm. Although I don't feel that urge very often at all any more, I wish I had this in the first year of my recovery.

When you first log in, you get to choose a nickname, colours for the app that will help calm you, and even what type of little mascots you want riding along with you. From the offset, everything is set up to make this a tailored experience to help you as much as it possibly can. You can also set a password, so that no one else who gets onto your phone can access the contents of the app.

Calm Harm App - an app for those struggling with self harm

Once you choose to 'ride the wave', you get to select a 5 or 15 minute activity from 6 different types of activity. I love the fact that you can choose which kind of activity is most appropriate for you each time you head on to the app. Different things work for different people too, so this makes things less exclusive.

Calm Harm App - an app for those struggling with self harm

Here's a selection of activities from the comfort section, but there are a whole lot more for this, and the other sections. Breathe is my favourite one - you have a circle that expands and contracts with your breath and helps you to slow it down.

Calm Harm App - an app for those struggling with self harm

Once you've completed an activity, you've officially ridden the wave, but if you feel like you need another activity, you can choose to go again and again with different activities (or the same one) until the urge has passed.

Calm Harm App - an app for those struggling with self harm

There's also a whole section on getting help for different things. Each of these sections has a list of resources including telephone numbers and websites to help you get the help you need. This is probably the best part of the app. It has all the resources you might need in one place, and can help direct you to different things depending on what you really need.

This isn't a sponsored post by any means. I've just never come across anything even remotely like this app. It's here for anyone struggling, free to download, and has everything to really help you out when the urge to self harm comes along.

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  1. This sounds so interesting!
    I'll see if I can download this on my phone for when I'm feeling stressed! xx

    Angela | DreamsAndLashes.com

  2. That app sounds like a great idea!

    Melissa x | www.memoriesandmishapsblog.wordpress.com

  3. This app sounds amazing! I wish I had something like this a few years ago. I'm glad it's here now for people. SH is a awful thing because of the way it makes you feel. A love-hate relationship.

    Fix Me In Forty Five


  4. This app sounds amazing! I'm definitely going to check it out! Thank you ♥



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