4 January 2018

December favourites and life update

December favourites and life update

December favourites and life update

December favourites and life update

December favourites and life update

Even though I'm posting (sorta) on time with my favourites for once, December feels as though it was eons ago. I'm not sure if it's my 'New Year, let's rock this shit' mentally, or if January is already dragging, but I can't believe it's only been four days since 2017 ended?!

December had some massive highs as well as a few lows. I passed my driving theory test, which I was SO proud of. It's one step closer to being more independent, and I was really worried my *somewhat* lacking common sense would let me down. On the flip side, I found this year without my granddad really tough. It's been six years since he passed away now, but the first one that I've really been in a steady 9-5 kinda job. I found getting up and behaving normally a bit of a struggle, but we're clear on the other side now. My family came down for Christmas and it was so nice having them here. I found my sister going back to uni really hard, and didn't hold back the tears very well, but she's coming up for a last-minute visit this Sunday, which I'm beyond excited for.

I don't have a massive range of favourites this month - I was busy buying lots of Christmas presents for others, and didn't pick up much. I also like to keep (most of) my Christmas presents for January's favourites to give them a good ol' test, but I thought I'd share my picks anyhow.


The Body Shop's festive berries body butter has been my dry skin saviour. It smells sweet and fruity, it's thick and creamy and I've been using it almost every day since the beginning of December, yet there's still at least half left in the pot. The dream. I *think* you might still be able to grab one of these in their January sales, and I'm hella tempted to stock up for the year.

I rarely find a product that adds something to my horde of beauty products, but primers are something I've never got on with. The ones I've tried haven't worked for me, and they've been rapidly discarded. However, I got No 7's Airbrush Away primer in a free gift set (the dream) and I'm pretty much in love. It covers my pores, making my skin tone more even and I can see a noticeable difference in the way my foundation applies with and without it. Finally I've found a cure to foundation sticking to my dry patches!

Last but not least, we have the lipstick of my dreams. I haven't found a proper 'red' red liquid lipstick that I love before. I've got blue toned reds and orange toned reds, but no 'true' red shade. NYX has saved the day - and did so just in time for Christmas. Their liquid suede lipstick in the shade Kitten Heels is something that I've worn over and over again throughout the festive season, and I can't see me putting it away any time soon in 2018. 


Okay, okay, I'm using the term loosely here to describe these slippers, but I am obsessed. Seals are my favourite animals (a weird one, I know), and I was beyond excited to find these baby seal slippers in Forever 21. They're cute, warm, impractical, and my feet love them. 

Films and books

Harry Potter kinda covers both this month. I reread The Goblet of Fire and The Order of the Phoenix and loved both of them. We also started rewatching all the films for the ultimate festive feels. It's made me want to visit the Warner Brothers studios more than ever and I can't wait to read and watch the rest of the films/books. 

What were your favourites for December?

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  1. Happy New Year, Steph!

    You're not the only one that feels like 2017 ended ages ago! Although, I find that the first half of the year always drags along and the other half speeds by. Sorry that it was particularly tough without your grandad this year. At least your family came down to see you!

    Also, slippers are most definitely classed as fashion! Haha! I got myself a new pair yesterday!

    Social Spying

  2. that red lipstick is beautiful. I only have one red liquid lipstick which is extremely drying, so I definitely need to check out NYX's because I love their lipsticks. it looks like such a lovely shade. congratulations on passing your theory. the slippers are adorable. happy new year!xx


  3. Congrats on passing your driving test!! That NYX shade is absolutely gorgeous too - they always save me on lipsticks!xx

    Lucy | www.lucy-cole.co.uk

  4. Happy new year, hun! I can't believe those are seal slippers; I thought they were cuddly toys! Haha. Epic. I'm on the hunt for lots of seal related goodies for your Christmas present this year ;) x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x


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