27 January 2018

Fundraising for BCRT in 2018

Fundraising for BCRT in 2018

Fundraising for BCRT in 2018

This year I want to give something back to the world that gives so much to me, so I've decided to dedicate the year to fundraising for the Bone Cancer Research Trust. This is an absolutely incredible charity that funds PhD students looking into cures and better treatment for bone cancer, and it's the only charity that raises money to help bone cancer survivors. 

Something that I haven't spoken about on my blog in a while is the fact that my sister had bone cancer when we were children. My sister is honestly my favourite person in the entire world, and raising money for a charity that means so much to her (and that she's done so much work with in the past) is something that I want to do more than anything.

So, I've set myself up a Justgiving page here, which I'll be adding any money made from fundraising to throughout the year. I'm hoping to raise £500 before the end of the year, and I would be absolutely ecstatic if any of you donated. As well as raising money, I'm hoping to raise awareness. Bone cancer is something that affects people of all ages, but is more common in young people, children and the elderly. The Bone Cancer Research Trust is doing vital work day in and day out, and I really hope that my efforts this year will help more people to understand more about bone cancer. As the year goes on, I'll be posting a few pieces about my sister's experiences as a child with bone cancer, as well as fundraising updates for you all.

First of all, I've nominated this to be my work's charity of the year. Although it won't necessarily come out top over all the different charities other people have nominated, I've got my fingers crossed. Even nominating it, and spreading the word that the charity exists is something I'm proud to have done.

I'm also looking into having a stall at the summer food and drink festival in my town, and I'll be hosting a massive bake sale there if I can get a place. If I can't, I'm going to look into local summer fetes and attend as many as is feasible, with my baked goods in tow. Every penny I make from this will go to the BCRT.

I'm also signing up to do a 5K run in June. If you know me, this is something that's about 5K outside of my comfort zone, so this will probably be the biggest challenge.

The last main event I have planned is to cut my hair short towards the end of the year and donate it to the Princess' trust. I'm lucky enough to say that my hair grows very quickly, and I keep it in quite good condition. When December/November comes around I'll be asking for your sponsorship to help encourage me to get this done!

I've got a couple of other ideas in the pipeline (selling some bits on depop and donating the money etc), but if you have any ideas please hit me up with them, either on here or my twitter (@stephhartley4)! 

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  1. This is such an inspiring post and a lovely thing to do. Love how you're doing it to support your sister too Steph. I recently shared a post on my social media about my friend being diagnosed with breast cancer at 27 to raise awareness and the number of people who unfollowed me was ridiculous. We should all be raising awareness and giving something back.

  2. You are such an inspiration



  3. Good luck! I will donate once I have some funds!! I'm sorry to hear about your sister. This is such a lovely idea, how kind are you! Inspirational!!

    Fix Me In Forty Five


  4. Thanks for sharing your story and good luck! I had very little knowledge on this subject and this post really opened up my eyes - I will definitely donate when I get my next month's paycheck (I can only make a small contribution but I know every bit helps) and I share this with family and close friends!



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