12 September 2019

Autumn homeware wishlist

Autumn homeware wishlist  - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

This post is me living vicariously for just a minute because wow the car broke this month and it turns out those things are EXPENSIVE and now I can barely afford a new candle to liven up my house for Autumn, let alone anything else.

All moaning aside, living in a rented house can make it a bit hard to have decor that feels like you (especially if you don't have a designer-y bone in your body), but we've been switching up the living room in small ways this year so far: we've got a new dining table (second hand and free, hallelujah), a lamp and a few new plants to keep things looking lively. So, here's my Autumn wishlist of things I absolutely would pick up and add to our home if I could!

(From top left to bottom right on top picture)

Next 'Home' pom pom cushion (£10) - as you can pretty much tell, I'm a big fan of the idea of a yellow and grey colour scheme, and I think this 'home' cushion would look so lovely surrounded by a few grey ones, especially snuggled up on a chair!

Next knitted pom pom throw (£40) - also a big fan of pom poms. This looks like the perfect thing to get cosy under and watch bake off with a cup of tea and some cake.

Next pom pom edge cushion (£12) - this is the kind of grey cushion I'm talking about - fluffy, covered in pom poms and a subtle grey. In essence our cushions are a bit lacking at the mo and these look like a great substitute.

MADE Sanlow rug (£199) - we currently don't own any rugs and I'm not sure if this is partly what's missing in making our living room seem more homely. Our carpet is a pleasant (lol) light brown downstairs, so it's be nice to have something to liven it up a little.

Autumn homeware wishlist  - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

Next Geo pattern tealight holders (£12) - I'd love to add some slightly more muted shades and decorative bits around the house and these would look so nice together on our sideboard. I love the varied heights and the fact that as they're tealight holders you can refill them over and over again, rather than being a set of candles that burn down.

Matalan Woodland duvet cover (£15-£22, size dependant) - my bedding is all looking very sad and old at the moment, and I don't have any that really screams Autumn, but this is so pretty. I *think* it's actually part of Matalan's Christmas range, but isn't too in-your-face Christmassy, and it reminds me more of this time of year.

Dunelm Hedgehog embroidered tablecloth (£18-24, size dependant) - I'm really keen to protect our new (unvarnished eek) table, and on the hunt for a good table cloth and LOOK AT THE HEDGEHOGS. I love the idea of the matching runner and napkins too because wow just so cute.

Matalan faux fur trim throw (£30) - this sort of seems like it should belong in a ski lodge, melded around your hot chocolate filled body, but it would be great to have on the end of the bed as an extra warmer when things get chilly.

Autumn homeware wishlist  - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

Matalan wooden stag lantern (£7) - I've got a similar tealight holder to this that I bought a few years back and honestly it's one of my favourite little things around the house. They also make great Instagram props as an added bonus.

Yankee Candle in dried lavender and oak (large £23.99) - lavender is a really important relaxing scent for me, and lighting a plain lavender candle is something I do around this time of year when I'm feeling anxious. The added oak makes it a little less sweet and slightly more musky, so basically I need this scent filling my house

Yankee candle in warm cashmere (large £23.99) - the smell of this is a little harder to describe, but it's quite soft and musky. I love the idea of lighting this in my living room curled up in a blanket reading my book.

Dunelm hedgehog mug (£5) - I couldn't not include a mug in here, because what's Autumn without hot drinks?! (Okay, still Autumn). This matches the tablecloth and I just don't have enough animal themed mugs if I'm honest.

Have you switched up anything at home for the new season?

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  1. I have the next pom pom cushion in pink and I love it, love the home cushion so cute xx

  2. I love that bedding omg!! Also I can totally relate - even a candle is out of my budget right now lol



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