10 January 2021

2020 Life Roundup

Bare trees and blue sky, snowy floor

Every year I write a 'highlight reel' post on here, but with 2020 being what it was, that didn't quite feel right. I'm going to kickstart by saying that obviously 2020 was a shit, weird year, but here are my good bits that made things a little happy at points, and bearable at others.

1 January 2021

Top 10 books of 2020!

STack of books with their spines face up next to a kindle showing the cover of 'The Switch' by Beth O'Leary

Unsurprisingly, last year I read more books than I have in any recent year. I blame nine months of rarely leaving the house, long baths, coming across great book series/new authors I'm OBSESSED with and not leaving the house again. I read some truly great books in 2020, and spent a whole lot of time recommending things over and over again to my friends and family. Obviously not all of my ten are in the pic above, mostly because a whole bunch are kindle books! Without further ado, here are my top 10 favourite books of 2020 in order with number 1 being my absolute top tier fave:

23 December 2020

The Body Shop's Winter Jasmine Range

Two round toiletries tubs shot from above next to a grey bobble hate, pinecone and lit candle

I'm a sucker for a festive scent. Give me all the Snow Fairy, sweet peppermint, plum, festive berries and I'm happy. This year I've gone all out with The Body Shop's winter jasmine range. It's a lot less sweet than I'll often go for, but it smells SO nice in an almost soothing way.

Mint green carboard pack containing a body buff and round tub of body butter. Next to a crocheted pumpkin

I bought a few bits from the range a couple of months ago ready for December, and I'm so glad I did. This month has been tough: I'm a BIG Christmas fan and I come from a big family, so a 2020 lonesome Christmas sucks. I miss opening presents with family, big meals, Christmas markets, work dinners, exchanging presents over drinks with friends. Finding the motivation to get up and go (to my spare room) to work has been tough at times, and I'm basically using special Christmas scents in the shower to help force me to actually hop in and get clean. 

Close up of The Body Shop's Winter Jasmine shower gel next to a fake christmas tree sprig

Self care is really important in this godforsaken year, and this Christmassy scent that's a little subtle but gorgeous is helping me get through the season. Tonight I'm ready to head into a long bath using the shower gel, scrub and following up after with the body butter.

What are some small self care things helping you this season?

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