12 October 2014

Body Shop Haul

Blackhead Remover
Vitamin E Moisture Cream
2 in 1 Smokey Eyeliner and Brow Gel
Seaweed Clarifying Toner

I know I've been pretty absent over the last few weeks, but doing everything from being a Freshers Helper during the first week of term to obtaining recycling bins for the new uni house on top of a mound of reading has put me a bit behind. In a post I did a couple of months back on my favourite skincare range (here) I mentioned how much I love The Body Shop's products. They rarely fail to live up to expectations.

Living off of a student budget means that hauls (sadly) aren't really my thing. However, The Body Shop had a deal on for its "Love Your Body" members that I just couldn't pass up - 40% off, plus a free gift worth over £10 and free delivery if you spent over £5. I nearly pinched myself. Originally I'd aimed to spend just over a fiver, however I evidently got a touch carried away. Oh well, a girl can't have too many beauty products, right? 

I received the Vitamin E moisturiser as my free gift. I was a tad disappointed as I don't ever really use moisturiser on my face because my skin tends to get a bit oily. However, so far it's looking up. I'll be posting more detailed reviews of all the products at some point over the next few weeks. Sadly, this won't include the blackhead remover. I pursued a few (rather painful) attempts to use it and have it make some effect, but it just did nothing for me. Maybe my blackheads aren't big enough, or I'm too much of a softie to handle how uncomfortable it was, but for the foreseeable future it's been tossed to the back of a drawer, probably never to be used again.

Any comments/questions are always welcome 

Steph :) 

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