23 October 2014

Review of Rimmel's Wonder'full with Argan Oil Mascara

Instead of doing a straight up review for this, I decided to compare it to my previous mascara, Rimmel's Scandal Eyes. In the pictures above I have the Scandal Eyes mascara on my left eye and the Argan Oil one on my right. Excuse my eyebrows in these - they were having a bit of an off week!

As you can see from the pictures, the Scandal Eye mascara is a lot clumpier than the latter. This makes it harder to see the effect of the Argan Oil mascara - it does give greater length, This is always a win for me as (ever avoiding using fake eyelashes) I'm always hunting for something to deceive people as to the length of my uber short eyelashes. 

We've all heard companies promoting argan oil recently as this new super-product that does wonders for your hair, skin and god knows what else. When I picked this  mascara up my first instinct was "really?! They're trying to market argan oil eyelash products?!". However I want to take that back now. This mascara, kindly given to me by my sister, doesn't dry my eyelashes out as much as other ones have in the past. It makes it relatively easier to get off, which keeps my eyelashes intact when using makeup remover. 

Any comments/questions are always welcome :)

Photographs as always are the property of Sophie Hartley


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