18 November 2014

Wiping Away Eye Bag-Blues

B. B Cream (SPF 15) 
Rimmel's Wake Me Up concealer (020 True Ivory) 
B. Sculpted Contour Kit

It seems that no matter how much sleep I get, I always wake up with seemingly all-encompassing purpley-grey bags under my eyes. Maybe it's something that runs in my family, or maybe I have a skewed sleep pattern that hasn't rectified in years. Who knows. Anyway, this means that I'm always trying to find a way to make it look like I've had more than four hours sleep on any formal occasion/night out I want to impress on. With these products, I think I've pretty much round my answer - for now at least.

I'll start off with the B. B cream, as this is what I applied first. For someone with combination skin, this product remarkably leaves my skin feeling better than before I put it on. It's refreshing and really feels as though it moisturises my skin. It's also definitely something that needs to be put on with a make-up brush, as otherwise half the product will end up helping to smooth the skin of your hands!

The Wake Me Up concealer is great for going over the bags under your eyes. The stick looks like a lip gloss stick, and you apply it in a similar way. I found that it's best to wipe a bit of excess off before using, because otherwise you end up spending forever gently blending it half way across your face in an attempt to not make it too obvious that you're under-eyes don't naturally look like that in the morning.

Finally, I applied the contour. As you can probably tell from the pictures, it's not too bold or extreme, but just gives a nice edge to your cheekbones/jawline. The main problem I've found with it is that if you do want a more definitive contour, this product can be quite hard to blend. 

I couldn;t resist popping up a picture of me and Ted as part of this one! He turned a year old a couple of months ago and is definitely one of the things I get most homesick for when I'm at uni! 

Love and Light


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