31 January 2015

Rimmel's Vinyl Lipgloss & A Much Overdue Thank You

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss 190 Pin Up
Rimmel Vinyl Gloss 130 Take A Chance

These were kindly modelled for me by my sister over the holidays. As you guys have probably noticed, she's responsible for the majority of the photography for this blog (if it's good, it's safe to assume she's taken the picture!). She's my little sister of two years and my best friend, so I thought she finally deserved some recognition for all her help that she's given me over the last six months with this blog.

Anyway, on to the product. Rimmel's Vinyl Glosses are now in my firm favourites. They're not too sticky, and keep on for a reasonable amount of time. Take A Chance is definitely y favourite out of the two - a lot subtler and it still gives a nice sheen to your lips.

Any comments/questions always welcome!
Love and Light


  1. Such pretty colours!

    Sarah x

    1. Thanks - they really are. The whole range is pretty good!


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