25 March 2015

Back to Basics | Day Two

Yesterday's lack of negative food's really helped me to restore my energy and I managed to get up and shower at half 6 - something I haven't done in months! Today has been a day for productivity and for once I don't feel exhausted.

I started the day off with my blueberry and spinach antioxidant smoothie which I haven't had in a few weeks. This is a great boost to the morning, especially as I was feeling rather sniffly and under the weather. I also started a course of homeopathic remedy to help rid me of my allergies to dust, pollen and animal fur. This was kindly given to me by my boyfriend's mum (here's her website), so we'll see how it goes!

Finally, my mum and sister came up today, which is something I've been greatly looking forward to. After having a light lunch of organic hummus and rosemary breadsticks, which was DIVINE, I decided to splash out this evening with a lamb roast. Although during detoxing I usually keep to lean meats, this roast was a lot more minimal than one I would usually make, as I only cook them on special occasions. Instead, it was packed with organic veggies and home seasoned roast potatoes. I'm always tempted to buy pre-seasoned frozen roasties, but during a detox I like to know exactly what is going into my food, and looking at the ingredients on one of these packets might horrify me!

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to getting back to yoga as I had no time for it today, but made up for it in a frenzy of cleaning before my guests arrived!

Love and Light

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