29 May 2015

Drink Your Greens | Berry Salad-y Smoothie

There is some smoothie under all that fruit I promise! However, I cannot promise that I won't make any more puns like the title for this blog post - I'm already nostalgic for studying English lit! I've pretty much fallen in love with smoothie bowls recently (something you will be fully aware of if you follow my instagram @steph_nourishmindandbody), and so it's good bye pint glasses, hello smoothies with lots of added fruit. This particular recipe was inspired by my need to get more salad greens into my diet; unfortunate because I detest them when solid and filling up my plate. BUT, all is not lost: concealed by the taste of banana and blackberry, I've managed to sneak some lettuce, cucumber and even celery into this smoothie without too many protestations from my tastebuds!


2 bananas
2 apples
handful of blackberries
couple of cucumber slices
1 celery stick
handful iceberg lettuce
150ml milk alternative (I use rice milk)
2-3 handfuls spinach
large pinch flax seeds

1.) Peel and chop the apple and banana. Chop the celery, lettuce and cucumber.

2.) Place in a blender with the remainder of the ingredients. Whizz for three minutes and you're ready to go!


Love and Light


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