10 May 2015

Homemade Natural Hair Mask to Restore Vitality and Strength

As someone who has recently had uber-long hair, I've had to appreciate that it does take time and a bit of effort to keep it looking nice. So, hair masks and deep conditioning are things I try to keep up with doing from time to time to give my hair that a little extra pep. However, hair masks can be quite expensive, and often have a lot of added chemicals that aren't brilliant for your hair, so here's my homemade recipe - it'll cost you about £1 to make and have brilliant results (even if your male housemates do think you're insane for wandering around smelling a little eggy for an hour or two!).

Depending on your length/thickness of hair, the ingredients will need to be tweaked a little. When my hair was the length in this picture I used two bananas, two eggs, a couple of tablespoons of honey and about six tablespoons of olive oil. But as it is now (just below shoulder length), I would halve the recipe.

So, here are the benefits of each of the ingredients:

Helps to repair damage as they contain potassium and protein. Also helps to moisturise the hair.

Full of nutrients which not only help to restore dry and damaged hair, but also encourage the growth of hair follicles.

Olive Oil
Helps to encourage your hair's natural shine as well as softening it. It also aids the development of a healthy scalp.

The protein in these is great for strengthening hair as well as encouraging growth.

Finally, I would suggest that when you wash it out you use two rounds of shampoo to make sure you wash everything out. I found that it made my hair super soft, and helped to keep it volumised. Blend the ingredients together rather than mixing to make sure you don't end up with little lumps of banana in your hair - I learnt this the hard way, and believe me, it was not fun! Rub it into all of your hair, especially your scalp for maximum effect and leave it in for at least half an hour.

What is your favourite recipe for a homemade hair mask?

Love and Light


  1. This looks awesome! I will have to try it.


    Stylista Fitness

    1. Definitely! Let me know what you think

      Steph x


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