1 May 2015

Mango Madness Vegan Smoothie

This smoothie came  out a glorious golden colour and is perfect in this lead up to summer. Here in England the weather is pretty unpredictable, and almost always contains a seemingly endless amount of drizzle. So, this is a good way to start off your day, or relax int he afternoon whatever the weather to bring a little bit of sunshine into your life.


1 banana
3 small / 2 medium sized apples
handful of raspberries
200ml rice milk
1 mango
handful of flaxseeds
handful of spinach

1.) Peel and chop the apples, mango and banana. Place in a blender.

2.) Add the rice milk, spinach, raspberries and flax seeds. Blend for two minutes. If you leave out the spinach you end up with a bright pink smoothie, which can be great for kids (or if you're just a fan!).

3.) Enjoy. Top with honey, oats, and chia seeds if you wish.

Love and Light

Any comments/questions are always appreciated


  1. sounds delicious!, you could add maple or agave syrup instead of honey to keep it vegan :) x


  2. Totally, it just adds that little extra bit of sweetness :)

    Steph x


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