16 June 2015

5 Must-Dos | Holidaying in Los Cristianos, Tenerife

Last week I had the opportunity to go on the holiday of a lifetime, and me and my boyfriend headed to Los Cristianos for our second ever holiday together (n'awww). So, I thought I'd prepare a quick low down on what I think were must-dos for anyone heading to southern coastal Tenerife.

Heralded as one of the best water parks in the world, this is definitely a necessity for anyone heading to the area. Although the tickets aren't exactly cheap, the free bus you can get from a variety of places in South Tenerife means that there aren't too many additional costs.

This was perhaps my favourite thing I did all week. I mean, I got to touch a lemur, and what's better than that?! This is a fairly small place, so takes about half a day to do, leaving you with the rest of the day to catch some rays by the beach or at the pool.

3.) Beach day!
Despite both of us being pasty white folk and having to slap on the factor 50 (damn you Irish heritage!), a beach day is a must for keeping on top of a holiday budget. A pair of sun beds and a parasol cost between 9 and 12 euros for the day, and it gives you the chance to get all that Vitamin D. Personally, I like taking my kindle down to the beach with me to really lose myself in a story and completely relax.

4.) Try some tapas
Trying different / new food is one of my favourite things to do on holiday, and tapas is high on my list of favourite styles. As a truly indecisive person I love the choice it gives you, meaning you can try new things without spending a lot of money on a dish you might not even like!

This is pretty much a jungle zoo in south Tenerife. I loved the atmosphere there - it was pretty much a maze and there were endless amounts of rope bridges and different routes for you to take around the park to make the day more interesting. I would definitely recommend this as a place to take kids - as I was wandering around I could see that child Steph would have loved trekking around this place seeking adventure!

Have you been to Tenerife? What would you recommend?

Steph x

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