29 July 2015

Nourish Your Skin | Korres Organic

I'm such a great believer in the notion that nourishing your body on the outside helps to nourish it on the inside, particularly in a mental sense. So, when I was given the opportunity to try out some of Korres' products I was really excited to see how they could benefit me. 

I am so so glad I did! After using their laurel and echinacea shampoo, which is aimed at people with hair prone to dandruff, for a couple of weeks, I am glad to say that my hair is probably at it's softest and healthiest that it's ever been. Organic products that I have used on my hair in the past have often been a bit touch and go, and not felt as though they had anywhere as near as many benefits. The only word of warning I have about it is to remember that if you are going to use heat products on it after washing, make sure you use a heat protection product, as the shampoo doesn't have anything in it to help with that!

So, on to the other products. Having started a new job recently, I'm keen to make a good impression, and in my opinion image is a big part of that. Using the Korres Wild Rose light foundation and the jasmine butter has really helped that. Despite wearing foundation daily I haven't broken out in spots, and the foundation itself smells gorgeous (which is a first for any I've ever tried!)

Overall, I'm really pleased with all of the products I've tried out, and would definitely recommend them to you all. The scent of everything is delicious, and if you need a shower gel with a light, but definitely feminine scent, the waterlily one I tried is the one for you!

Here's what I tried:
- Waterlily showergel* £8
- Wild Rose CC Cream (Light)* £26
- Jasmine Lip Butter* £8
- Laurel and Echinacea Shampoo* £10

24 July 2015

Goodbye Comfort Zone, Hello Siam Park

I'm not the most adventurous person (tad of an understatement!), so when my boyfriend suggested that we have a day out at Siam Park, Tenerife's water park, I was a tad apprehensive. Me and water aren't the happiest mix, so I wasn't expecting much from the day.

However, going there was probably the best idea we'd had all holiday - I had a great day, and it forced me way out of my comfort zone, which made me feel accomplished as well as having fun. Although there were a few setbacks to the day - I may have yanked my nose piercing out on the second ride, and had to be seen by a first aider (whoops) - the rides and the man-made beach on-site was a perfect way to spend a hot day in the sun. One word of warning: sun cream, sun cream, sun cream! It was the only day that the combo of factor 50 sun lotion and my pasty white skin couldn't cope, and I burnt fairly badly. 

So, if you're heading to Tenerife any time soon, I'd make sure that you set a day aside (and a bit in your holiday budget!) to head here. The rides are spread over a whole range of terror, and there are a load that are perfect for kids as well as adults. All in all, it was a chance to make myself face one of my fears, and do it with my boy right by my side, especially as all of the rides we went on let you go in pairs or fours!

16 July 2015

Topping up on Nutrients | Holland and Barratt Mini Haul

As I've mentioned before, I love making my green smoothies that extra bit more nutritious by adding supplements (and yes, I do have half a shelf full of them!). Holland and Barratt is pretty much my go-to, so last time I headed there I picked up some Spirulina powder and energy boost powder to pop into my breakfasts. 

Although the energy boost powder (containing cacao, lucuma, maca and hemp protein) had the subtler taste of the two, the spirulina powder was definitely my favourite. It has really helped me to remain full for four or five hours after eating (or drinking?!) my morning smoothie, and so was perfect fuel during exam season. 

Here are a list of some of the potential benefits of spirulina:
- high in protein
- helps maintain eye health
- reduces inflammation
- improves the digestive system

What do you add to your smoothies? 

13 July 2015

Miracle Summer Skincare Solution | Benefit's Foamingly Clean Facewash

I'm a sucker for a good deal, and so, when I noticed that Benefit had a duty-free counter at Birmingham airport my little eyes lit up (whilst my boyfriend's slightly turned to despair at the thought of me browsing for roughly forever) and I had to head in. Realising at the same time that I'd left my normal face wash at home, and knowing I'd be slathering myself in sun cream and a fair amount of foundation for the upcoming week of holiday, I couldn't resist trying out Benefit's Foamingly Clean facial wash. And, finding out it came with two little samples of other skin care products didn't hurt either!

Having sensitive skin means that in the past face washes I've tried have been very much hit and miss, particularly because they are often too harsh and cause break-outs - aka exactly what I don't want. So, I was a bit wary when starting out with this as my skin was going to be under a lot of oil-induced pressure whilst on holiday. 

Thankfully the results were amazing, and I can safely say that this is the best face wash I've ever used, and it is going to be a must-have in my bathroom cupboard from now on. It allowed for such a deep clean that despite eating dairy, using oily sun cream and using liquid foundation on holiday I didn't see one spot appear. Plus, unlike many decent face washes I've tried it didn't go the opposite way and completely dry my skin out either!

Finally (after falling a little in love with this product), I lent it to my sister, who has even more sensitive skin than me, and she absolutely loved it too, despite usually being very much against using face wash on a daily basis, preferring cold water.
Have you tried any of the Benefit skin care range?

9 July 2015

A First Time For Everything | Sushi at Overseas

When it comes to trying new food I'm a teensy bit of a stubborn person, and so my boyfriend, best friend and sister have been attempting to persuade me to try to sushi for over a year to no avail. But, when I headed to Los Cristianos in Tenerife earlier this summer I realised that I may as well push myself out of my food comfort zone as I was doing it with so many other things over the week that I was away. Unwilling at first to try "proper" sushi, i.e. that containing raw fish, I went for a chicken tempura california roll topped with mango, and it was heavenly (Yo! Sushi really need to get some of this on their menu!). When we returned to this gorgeous restaurant however, I pushed the boat out a little with some smoked salmon and cream cheese maki, as well as some mango maki.

All in all, I'm so glad that my first attempt at sushi was at Overseas Restaurant, and I'm waiting to find somewhere in the UK that lives up to the flavours and quality of presentation we experienced here. 

Where's your favourite place to get sushi?

7 July 2015

Topping Up On Nutrients | Raaw Juice Powder

Green smoothies are the perfect start to any day in my mind, but sometimes they get a bit dull and need a bit of extra zing to keep your taste buds interested. This pack of Raaw Juice Go Green sachets really hit the spot. They're crammed full of nutrients, and make the smoothie a little sweeter, which is great for someone who's got a bit of a sweet tooth (whoops!). Plus, the powder is great for making cute little pictures with, like the bunny I did above during Easter. 
Here's what each sachet contains:
Coconut Milk
Coconut Water
As I'm lactose intolerant and my boyfriend is allergic to nuts (not the best combination, I know), I'm always on the lookout for things that avoid both, and this Raaw juice powder manages to do. Plus, not only is it dairy and nut free, but also gluten, egg, soya, wheat and mustard free as well as being suitable for vegans. Although it comes at quite a hefty price for seven sachets - £9.99, Holland and Barratt (where I purchased it from) have such frequent sales it is often available for a lot cheaper.
What is your favourite supplement to put in smoothies?

5 July 2015

Summer Boho Hype | Boho Moon Jewelry

Early last month I came to the sudden realisation that I don't actually own very much jewelry at all, and don't even own any rings! So, I set out to change this, and wanted something really pretty for my holiday in June. This and a little instagram stalk led me to Bohomoon, and here's a little glimpse into what I picked up:

Choker: Entwined Love
Anklet: Buddhism
Rings (left to right on bottom picture): Lotus Flower, Wishbone Midi ,Open Hamsa

All in all, I lvoed the simple, elegant style of everything I chose, and for the cost I was so pleased with how beautiful the packaging and pieces were. The rings have barely left my hands since and are such a lovely accompaniment to any outfit. Now that I spend far too much of my time on their instagram page, I'm also so hyped to think about trying pieces from their brand new selection!

Have you tried any of their jewelry before?