9 July 2015

A First Time For Everything | Sushi at Overseas

When it comes to trying new food I'm a teensy bit of a stubborn person, and so my boyfriend, best friend and sister have been attempting to persuade me to try to sushi for over a year to no avail. But, when I headed to Los Cristianos in Tenerife earlier this summer I realised that I may as well push myself out of my food comfort zone as I was doing it with so many other things over the week that I was away. Unwilling at first to try "proper" sushi, i.e. that containing raw fish, I went for a chicken tempura california roll topped with mango, and it was heavenly (Yo! Sushi really need to get some of this on their menu!). When we returned to this gorgeous restaurant however, I pushed the boat out a little with some smoked salmon and cream cheese maki, as well as some mango maki.

All in all, I'm so glad that my first attempt at sushi was at Overseas Restaurant, and I'm waiting to find somewhere in the UK that lives up to the flavours and quality of presentation we experienced here. 

Where's your favourite place to get sushi?

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