29 July 2015

Nourish Your Skin | Korres Organic

I'm such a great believer in the notion that nourishing your body on the outside helps to nourish it on the inside, particularly in a mental sense. So, when I was given the opportunity to try out some of Korres' products I was really excited to see how they could benefit me. 

I am so so glad I did! After using their laurel and echinacea shampoo, which is aimed at people with hair prone to dandruff, for a couple of weeks, I am glad to say that my hair is probably at it's softest and healthiest that it's ever been. Organic products that I have used on my hair in the past have often been a bit touch and go, and not felt as though they had anywhere as near as many benefits. The only word of warning I have about it is to remember that if you are going to use heat products on it after washing, make sure you use a heat protection product, as the shampoo doesn't have anything in it to help with that!

So, on to the other products. Having started a new job recently, I'm keen to make a good impression, and in my opinion image is a big part of that. Using the Korres Wild Rose light foundation and the jasmine butter has really helped that. Despite wearing foundation daily I haven't broken out in spots, and the foundation itself smells gorgeous (which is a first for any I've ever tried!)

Overall, I'm really pleased with all of the products I've tried out, and would definitely recommend them to you all. The scent of everything is delicious, and if you need a shower gel with a light, but definitely feminine scent, the waterlily one I tried is the one for you!

Here's what I tried:
- Waterlily showergel* £8
- Wild Rose CC Cream (Light)* £26
- Jasmine Lip Butter* £8
- Laurel and Echinacea Shampoo* £10


  1. Hi Steph,

    These look really lovely - as does your hair! It's really nice to see more and more organic and natural products making their way to market.

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

    1. I love seeing organic products getting more recognition!

      Steph x

  2. You've got niiiiice hair !




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