5 July 2015

Summer Boho Hype | Boho Moon Jewelry

Early last month I came to the sudden realisation that I don't actually own very much jewelry at all, and don't even own any rings! So, I set out to change this, and wanted something really pretty for my holiday in June. This and a little instagram stalk led me to Bohomoon, and here's a little glimpse into what I picked up:

Choker: Entwined Love
Anklet: Buddhism
Rings (left to right on bottom picture): Lotus Flower, Wishbone Midi ,Open Hamsa

All in all, I lvoed the simple, elegant style of everything I chose, and for the cost I was so pleased with how beautiful the packaging and pieces were. The rings have barely left my hands since and are such a lovely accompaniment to any outfit. Now that I spend far too much of my time on their instagram page, I'm also so hyped to think about trying pieces from their brand new selection!

Have you tried any of their jewelry before?


  1. I've nominated you for the 11 Things Tag over on my blog http://sparkleofpink.blogspot.ie/ :)

  2. The jewelry is really pretty & I like the Bohemian feel. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  3. This is such a lovely selection of jewellery.


    1. It's so cute, and affordable too!

      Steph x


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