16 July 2015

Topping up on Nutrients | Holland and Barratt Mini Haul

As I've mentioned before, I love making my green smoothies that extra bit more nutritious by adding supplements (and yes, I do have half a shelf full of them!). Holland and Barratt is pretty much my go-to, so last time I headed there I picked up some Spirulina powder and energy boost powder to pop into my breakfasts. 

Although the energy boost powder (containing cacao, lucuma, maca and hemp protein) had the subtler taste of the two, the spirulina powder was definitely my favourite. It has really helped me to remain full for four or five hours after eating (or drinking?!) my morning smoothie, and so was perfect fuel during exam season. 

Here are a list of some of the potential benefits of spirulina:
- high in protein
- helps maintain eye health
- reduces inflammation
- improves the digestive system

What do you add to your smoothies? 


  1. I read spirulina should be used wisely and not too much because it can harm our organism. Is this true ?



    1. Hi

      As far as my research into it goes, the benefits that many people claim it has have not been verified. As long as you buy it from a reputable company, it should not damage you.


  2. Anonymous17/7/15 11:45

    Definitely worth checking out!

    With love,
    Hayley x


    1. I agree! I love adding little extras to smoothies

      Steph x

  3. Hi Steph,

    Loved looking through your little haul - there are some great things to be picked up in Holland & Barrett! I'm giving away a big plant-based hamper on my blog at the moment, including 500g of spirulina, if you'd like to also enter!

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

    1. I always get so drawn in every time I enter! Oh wow that sounds awesome! I will definitely be having a look

      Steph x


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