5 August 2015

Roller Lash Vs They're Real | The Late Important Low Down

A lot of people fell in love with They're Real when it came out, but the next big Benefit mascara release seemed to get a massively mixed response. Some people raved about it, but others considered Roller Lash a letdown after They're Real. 

BUT, when I headed to the Benefit counter at Birmingham airport this summer I had a lengthy discussion with a really helpful member of staff about exactly why we all had this reaction.

So, here's the lowdown: 

For short eyelashes: go with Roller Lash. It hooks your short lashes and lifts them up to create the impression of fuller lashes. They're Real is too heavy for short eyelashes and weighs them down, meaning they don't get as good a lift.

For long eyelashes: go with They're Real. It adds masses of thickness and length, and your eyelashes are strong enough to cope with the weight of this more intense mascara.

Which do you prefer? 


  1. This is perfect advice, literally just what I needed to make my decision as to which I buy tomorrow! xxx

    - charminglyemma.blogspot.co.uk (New to this whole blogging thing and hopefully putting my first post up tonight or tomorrow!)

    1. You're welcome - I wish I had known earlier!

      Steph x


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