14 August 2015

Review of The Body Shop's Spa of the World Range

Who doesn't love a spa treat? I've been wanting to head to a spa now for MONTHS and (hopefully) will finally get to go this Autumn. So, when I spied The Body Shop's new Spa of the World Range this week I couldn't help myself. This is possibly the most exciting release The Body Shop has ever done in my opinion. I mean, what's better than something that gives you the tools to have a spa weekend in your very own home?!

Within the range are three "rituals": blissful, relaxing and revitalising. I went for a couple of products from the relaxing range in order to have a really chilled out pamper evening, plus an oil from the blissful range.

So, me and my sister set ourselves up for a fun evening of pampering ourselves with a cheeky bit of Great British Bake Off. We started with the Himalayan charcoal body clay. This was definitely my favourite of the range - you spread it over any tired looking skin, and leave for 10 minutes before washing off. I chose to do it on my arms to make the skin look a little less dull and tired, but you're free to choose to use it on (almost) any part of your body, not including your face. As with most clay masks, this has quite a cooling effect, and is really great if you prefer masks that you can feel drying and really witness taking effect. It's a very dark clay mask and smells absolutely divine. I've done this with both my sister and my best friend, and it's great fun to try out together - there were PLENTY of giggles along the way! The shop assistant suggested using clingfilm on top of the mask to keep the moisture in as much as possible, so we did that and ended up in a *teensy* bit of a clingfilm-related mess as we actually wrapped our bodies up. Obviously you have to be quite careful with this, and make sure nothing is wrapped too tightly. 

After softening your skin with the Himalayan body clay, heading into a nice steamy shower to wash it off and use the African ximenia body scrub feels absolutely amazing. I have uber sensitive skin, so scrubs are always a bit touch and go for me as they're often far too harsh. However, this scrub was so gentle, making it the most useful one I've ever used. It feels like buttercream in my hands - the one downside to how gentle and soft it is is that you do have to use a fair amount to really get results from it. 

My final stage of 'spa treat day' was to pop some of the Polynesian Monoi radiance oil in my hair to leave in overnight before washing it out this morning. I've got really long, thick hair at the moment, and I managed to get at least ten uses out of the bottle, which made it really worth the price tag. I'm a massive fan of hair oils, as I dye my hair fairly frequently, which means I need to spend a little extra time ensuring it is nourished. This is my go-to when my hair is in need of a real treat. It's also possibly the best smelling hair oil I own, so the boyfriend doesn't mind *too* much when I come to bed looking like a slug with my hair oil in.

This is definitely going to be my go-to evening ritual when I've got an important social event coming up, or I need to unwind as it made me look and feel absolutely amazing!

Have you tried any of the range yet? What did you think?


  1. OH wow i have to try this haha it is like being in a spa with these products


    1. It really is, they smell and feel so amazing!

      Steph x


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