28 September 2015

Best on a Budget | Makeup Revolution

A few weeks ago I made the best decision I've made in terms of makeup for my skin possibly ever, and bought Makeup Revolution's Ultra Bronze (£3) and Pressed Powder (£2). The uber-cheap price meant that I was a tad skeptical at first, but for a fiver I may as well have gone for it! 
My combination skin means that foundation often doesn't sit very well on drier patches of my face, which doesn't look brilliant and makes blending incredibly difficult. However,  Makeup Revolution's pressed powder effortlessly blends in with my base foundation (Lorea's True Match in Rose Ivory) and actually makes my skin tone look even for a change. I've found this and the bronzer to be a perfect lightweight solution for every day wear. Although just a little warning: if you have fair skin you need to use as little as possible, because it is quite strong!
Have you tried any of their products?

24 September 2015

Go Gold for September | Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

If you guys didn't already know, September is Clic Sargent's Go Gold month, in which they campaign for all of us to wear gold to inspire awareness about the effects of childhood cancer, as well as raising money for this amazing charity. This is a cause which strikes incredibly close to home for me, and as such me and my sister bought some of Clic's gold ribbon badges, whacked out the gold eyeliner and nail varnish and spread the word!

Now, this is probably going to be the most personal post I've ever done, but I want you guys to know why it is absolutely vital that we support charities like Clic. When I was 10 my younger sister, aged 8 at the time, was diagnosed with a very rare form of bone cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma. The treatment for it was very intense, and the specialists trained to help cure it were located over an hour's drive away. However, opposite the hopsital was a house run by Clic Sargent. It offered a safe space for families and children with cancer to stay so that, if appropriate, they could attend hospital appointments during the day, but go back to somewhere that felt a little more like home. Plus, it meant that I was able to visit her with my dad whilst she was undertaking chemotherapy; thus offering us an invaluable opportunity to spend time with her when we didn't know if her time was going to be cut short. Due to financial difficulties at the time, staying near her would have been utterly impossible without Clic, and all the money people have raised for the charity over the years. So, I implore you - keep up the good work, and raising awareness for childhood cancer throughout this month and the rest of the year!

What charity do you support, and why?

21 September 2015

Summer Favourites

As summer draws to an abrupt end, I've been reflecting over the things that have aided my beauty and lifestyle regimes these past few months. It's been a summer of change for me: getting my first full time job, graduating, and officially moving out of my family home. As such, it's had it's ups and downs, but here's what helped me through:

Benefit's foamingly clean facewash: this was my absolute skin saviour when I went on holiday to Spain in June, keeping my face free of grease, despite smothering it in sun cream!

2015 - 2016 Paperchase diary: I'm such a disorganised person that this forces me to keep a track of what I'm doing and when! 

Paperchase list pad: this has become my new blogging essential! I use it to keep track of ideas about blog posts, make blogging schedules, and keep a tab of what photos I need to take. 

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: I've heard so much about this book that I had to get my hands on it to see what it was all about. And so far it has not disappointed; as soon as I get a few days off of work I'm going to make notes on the remainder of the book that I haven't gotten to yet and (hopefully) revolutionize the state of my house.

L'oreal True Match foundation: does what it says on the tin! It gives really great coverage, and manages to cover up all of my blemishes. I'd definitely rate this as the best foundation I've ever tried.

LUSH New shampoo bar: this was the first shampoo bar I've ever used and it smells beautiful. It also lasts super long, so don't be deceived by its size!

What have been your favourites this summer?

13 September 2015

Boho Yoga OOTD | Nourish my Style

Yoga is my one true exercise love, and in my opinion it is greatly underrated. It helps improve your balance, strength and inner calm, making it the perfect accompaniment to gym workouts. This summer I was determined to work on it (maybe even nailing the crow, who knows) but ended up doing a lot less than I'd hoped. So, I'm making it my goal this Autumn to do yoga at least four times a week, hoping to build back up to every day like I used to!

Anyway, these trousers from Bohomoon have fast become one of my favourite things to wear whilst doing yoga and having a chill out day. They are just SO comfortable, and the pattern is so pretty. Although you do get a lot of strange looks whilst strutting around in them, they're totally worth it. These paired with Boho Moon's metallic temporary tattoos made for the perfect look to spend the day in the park practising yoga with my little sister. 

This cute halter neck from New Look has become my staple top this summer. It's perfect for sunshine-filled days like this, as well as being a great little thing to wear with my ripped black skinnies on a night out!

What was your boho obsession this summer?

8 September 2015

Goodbye Summer | Monkey Park, Tenerife

Now that summer in the UK is officially over, this is my last post about my holiday at the beginning of summer to Tenerife. I've dragged these out a little so that I could end summer with the memories of the heat and joy with which it began. Saying that, Autumn is a beautiful month and I am so ready to get cosy with my yankee candles, blankets and snuggly jumpers!
Heading to Monkey Park was the best day of the entire holiday, and potentially the summer itself as I got to engage with these amazing creatures. Stroking a lemur(!) was simply surreal - its fur was softer than I could have ever imagined. 
As always, the day had it's little hiccups - but this one was hilarious! As I was stood stroking one of the lemurs a squirrel monkey decided to pounce and sit on my head: much to the amusement of my other half.
As you guys know, this blog is all about healing yourself on the outside and inside, and so I think that our summer memories are definitely something to treasure and inspire us, rather than reminisce in sadness. 
What was your favourite outing this summer?

2 September 2015

New Haul Needed | Hello LUSH Birmingham (UK)

This is going to be a super quick post about everything I picked up last time I headed out to Birmingham for a little LUSH haul. This may or may not have been inspired by the fact that (cue tears) some of the things are close to running out. 

So, this is probably my favourite ever LUSH haul, and I've enjoyed using every one of the pieces. This is what I picked up:

- Brazened Honey face mask
- Volcano foot mask
- Ice Blue soap (sadly discontinues)
- NEW shampoo bar
- Jasmine and Henna Fluff Ease hair mask

Have you tried any of the products?