28 September 2015

Best on a Budget | Makeup Revolution

A few weeks ago I made the best decision I've made in terms of makeup for my skin possibly ever, and bought Makeup Revolution's Ultra Bronze (£3) and Pressed Powder (£2). The uber-cheap price meant that I was a tad skeptical at first, but for a fiver I may as well have gone for it! 
My combination skin means that foundation often doesn't sit very well on drier patches of my face, which doesn't look brilliant and makes blending incredibly difficult. However,  Makeup Revolution's pressed powder effortlessly blends in with my base foundation (Lorea's True Match in Rose Ivory) and actually makes my skin tone look even for a change. I've found this and the bronzer to be a perfect lightweight solution for every day wear. Although just a little warning: if you have fair skin you need to use as little as possible, because it is quite strong!
Have you tried any of their products?


  1. The brand is great aren't they. For such a cheap brand they actually provide great products. Perfect for my wallet. X


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