8 September 2015

Goodbye Summer | Monkey Park, Tenerife

Now that summer in the UK is officially over, this is my last post about my holiday at the beginning of summer to Tenerife. I've dragged these out a little so that I could end summer with the memories of the heat and joy with which it began. Saying that, Autumn is a beautiful month and I am so ready to get cosy with my yankee candles, blankets and snuggly jumpers!
Heading to Monkey Park was the best day of the entire holiday, and potentially the summer itself as I got to engage with these amazing creatures. Stroking a lemur(!) was simply surreal - its fur was softer than I could have ever imagined. 
As always, the day had it's little hiccups - but this one was hilarious! As I was stood stroking one of the lemurs a squirrel monkey decided to pounce and sit on my head: much to the amusement of my other half.
As you guys know, this blog is all about healing yourself on the outside and inside, and so I think that our summer memories are definitely something to treasure and inspire us, rather than reminisce in sadness. 
What was your favourite outing this summer?

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