13 September 2015

Boho Yoga OOTD | Nourish my Style

Yoga is my one true exercise love, and in my opinion it is greatly underrated. It helps improve your balance, strength and inner calm, making it the perfect accompaniment to gym workouts. This summer I was determined to work on it (maybe even nailing the crow, who knows) but ended up doing a lot less than I'd hoped. So, I'm making it my goal this Autumn to do yoga at least four times a week, hoping to build back up to every day like I used to!

Anyway, these trousers from Bohomoon have fast become one of my favourite things to wear whilst doing yoga and having a chill out day. They are just SO comfortable, and the pattern is so pretty. Although you do get a lot of strange looks whilst strutting around in them, they're totally worth it. These paired with Boho Moon's metallic temporary tattoos made for the perfect look to spend the day in the park practising yoga with my little sister. 

This cute halter neck from New Look has become my staple top this summer. It's perfect for sunshine-filled days like this, as well as being a great little thing to wear with my ripped black skinnies on a night out!

What was your boho obsession this summer?


  1. Those trousers are gorgeous! Loving your entire boho vibe.

    1. They were so nice for the summer, especially to brighten things up on a rainy day!

      Steph x

  2. I've never tried yoga but have been told so many times to try it to help me destress! xx



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