5 October 2015

Goodbye Sis | Final Cocktail Night

A couple of weeks ago saw me nerve-wrackingly sending my little sister off to uni 5(!) hours away from where I live after she spent the summer staying in my student house with me. So, we decided to do something a little special for her send off and make our own cocktails. Not only was this fun to do, but we got to control exactly what went into them, so there were no nasty surprises. Although alcohol, as with everything, is best in moderation, it is still something which I choose to consume as part of my diet and overall aim to nourish myself inside and out.

So, here's what we made:

Classic woo woo (pictured bottom): 
25ml vodka
25 peach schnapps
Cranberry and orange juice in equal measure

Cloudy Apple Tang (pictured top):
25ml gin of choice
25ml elderflower cordial
Cloudy apple juice

The second was a little different and absolutely gorgeous - elderflower is such an amazing flavour and I would definitely recommend giving this a go!

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