18 November 2015

Blogger Event | Champneys New Look Range Launch

I feel like this post title should be accompanied with a whole bunch of exclamation marks because last night's event with Champneys was absolutely heavenly! The only thing I knew before turning up was that I was going to get to see the new-look range through a multi-sensory exhibition, and wow, were my senses a-tingling when I arrived! I walked in to a room filled with divine music from their wonderful harp player, to then be astounded by the delightful canapes and drinks we were offered, and have my eyes fill with joy at the decor. Not only did they have a blossoming tree in the centre of the room which you could sit under (and yes, I did feel a little like Alice in Wonderland), but there were bunnies! Who isn't going to fall in love with an event that offers you the opportunity to cuddle the most adorable lop-eared rabbits?!

I took advantage of everything that was on offer - naturally starting with a cheeky glass of prosecco before moving on to a hand and lower arm massage. I never realised before last night just how good a hand massage could be, but I came to the conclusion that we don't take good enough care of our hands, and I could do with another of those massages every day! The masseuse used Champneys Restoring Hand and Nail cream to give me the ultimate Champneys experience. I then followed this up with a quick file and polish. By this point I was feeling totally pampered, so headed over to one of their swinging chairs to relax for a moment with a canape. Finally I had a quick snuggle with Lola who was SO SOFT, and got a neck, shoulder and scalp massage from a lovely masseuse before heading out to get my goodie bag and hop back on the tube to start my journey home!

The only thing better than the decor and activities offered at the event were the products. I may have fallen a little bit in love with the new look - I now totally feel the need to take up calligraphy to make writing as pretty as the ones on the products. I was overjoyed to have received the Sleep Temple Balm - it's a sleep aid which you use on your temples and was my favourite product of the entire range I got to try last night. My second favourite item was the Indulgent Bubble Heaven bubble bath (another product I was lucky enough to receive in my goody bag!). It had a fairly musky scent, with a touch of vanilla and I couldn't stop smelling it. I've now dedicated Saturday nights to bath time with this one and a whole load of tealights

Have you tried any Champneys products? What are your favourites?


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  3. Oh wow this looks like an amazing event and there are bunnies. Glad you had a lovely time :) x



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