27 November 2015

Festive Breakfast Recipe, with Added Supplement Love*

Pancakes and smoothies are the breakfast of champions, and I'm always looking for a little something I can pop into them for an added health kick. I've tried a number of "superfood" powders out there, but the problem is that I'm SO fussy, so if something tastes a little bit too powerful or different I tend to prefer to avoid it. Thus, I have half a tub of Spirulina at home that I keep trying to get through, but have owned for about a year now and it just changes the taste of everything I put it on so utterly I can't handle it. It's made from blue/green algae and I honestly think it tastes like that. Then we have my cacao & hemp powder, similarly discarded at the back of a cupboard, brought out every so often simply because I hate wasting food and don't want to outright bin it. Everyone raves about cacao so I thought I'd try it, only to realise that everyone raves because it makes smoothies taste kind of like chocolate milk, something that I unfortunately don't like.

Despite these setbacks, I have FINALLY moved into a new zone of nutritious powders with Aduna*; a zone where my favourite smoothie recipes and pancake stacks aren't marred by intense flavouring, but enhanced by a subtle addition of Aduna's moringa* or baobab* powder. So, what do these supplements do exactly? Well, moringa is crammed full of iron, calcium and protein - making it a must for any vegans out there, or anyone who wants an easy way to up their intake of these nutrients. It also strengthens the immune system, supports the normal growth of nails and hair, and much more. Baobab similarly has a whole range of benefits, including masses of Vitamin C, calcium and potassium, and can aid your energy levels, weight management and blood sugar levels (all of which I need a lot of help with!)

So, what's this festive recipe I hear you ask? Well, here we go: it's my Kale and Cranberry smoothie - with added nutritional powder

1 banana
Handful cranberrries (fresh or frozen)
2 handfuls kale
150 - 200ml rice/coconut/soya/oat milk

Whizz these up in a blender with a teaspoon of your baobab or moringa powder and you're good to go! I always like to top mine with a little drizzle of honey because I've got such a sweet tooth, but that's totally optional.

What are your go-to supplements?


  1. This looks amazing, I am definitely into healthy eating at the moment, I am going to try out this recipe.

    The Beauty Load

    1. It's so yummy! Tag me in any pictures if you do!

      Steph x

  2. Hi Steph, this page is a real appetihzer...I am starting to get terribly hungry...:-)


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