22 November 2015

Nourish My Skin | b.right Radiant Skincare Set Review

You guys may have seen this skincare set briefly before on my blog as it's part of my 100th post giveaway (which ends in a week's time, so y'all had better get entering!). I'm not going to lie, when I popped this set into my (imaginary online) basket, I had to add an extra one for myself. Benefit's Foamingly Clean facewash was my must-have skincare item for the summer. It kept my skin soft and spot free when I was slathering it with sun cream in Tenerife and living a not-so brilliant diet as a barmaid over summer. Plus it smells heavenly, and now every time I use it it takes me back to my sunny week of holiday at the beginning of June! 

As I'd loved Foamingly Clean so much, I thought that this Radiant Skincare Intro Kit would be a great start to see if any of the other products worked as well. Now, I have to say I do have a couple of favourites that popped out from this. The Refined Finish Facial Polish was a perfect partner for the facewash, and the pair left my face feeling super soft (which meant that my housemates spent all evening being harassed to feel just *how* soft my cheeks were). The Total Moisture was also a big hit with me, and has now become part of my daily skincare routine. I have combination skin with a few dry patches, which can be very frustrating, but this totally primes my face ready for whatever makeup I put on and the harsh winds of English winter!

What are your skincare favourites at the moment?


  1. I've seen this in a slightly re-branded format for Christmas and am considering asking for it. I've never tried anything from the Benefit skincare range as to be honest like I'm sure with most people it isn't the right brand I look towards for skincare but I really want to try the range out and I think the mini's are a great option to do so.

    Kirsty x

    1. It's a great starter pack - the full size products are a bit too expensive to buy straight out if you don't know whether you'll like them!

      Steph x


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