20 December 2015

Just in Time | LUSH Christmas Hauls

A visit to a sparkling, heavenly scented LUSH store is a must for me in the run up to Christmas, and I got in just in the nick of time before they started selling out of my favourite bits and pieces (I mean, imagine a Christmas without Snow Fairy?!). So, I thought I'd share with you what I managed to pick up from their Christmass range, as well as grabbing a few old favourites! 'll be posting about some of the things in more detail in the near future, so keep an eye out!

Face and Hair Care
Cranberry Festive Face Mask. Me and the bestie tried this out a few weeks ago and fell a little bit in love with it, so I dedicated an entire post to its review here
Don't Look at Me Face Mask. This one is bright blue and smells really citrus-y. I've used it a couple of times so far and it makes my skin feel SO soft.
Kinky Hot Oil Treatment. I've yet to use this, but I'm saving it for a day out where I want to make my naturally wavy hair a little more curly and controlled. 
H'Suan Wen Sua Treatment. This was a re-buy of possibly my favourite LUSH product EVER (a title which is very hard to come buy considering a few of my all-time favourite beauty products come from here). I usually leave this hair mask in overnight to allow it to fully soak in, and it makes my hair ever so soft, glossy and manageable. It even help keep my locks relatively split-end free after six months of growing it to almost waist-length without cutting it. If I could only buy one hair treatment in the world it would definitely be this one. 
Karma Komba Shampoo. This smells amazing and makes my hair feel super fresh. 
Bath Time Fun
Frozen Bath Bomb. This made my bath smell deliciously citrus-y and turned it a deep deep blue. Part of me felt like I was bathing in the Blue Lagoon and it was super relaxing. 
Snow Angel Bath Melt. This one is Christmas in a product. Not only is it smothered in glitter (which seems to shed EVERYWHERE whenever I pick it up), but it also smells like marzipan.
Milky Bath Bubble Bar. This Christmassy product not only turns your bath milky white, but smells like oranges and contains softening shea butter. This is going to make a little gift for someone special so I haven't attempted it yet.
Peeping Santa Bubble Bar. This little one has to be the cutest in the LUSH Christmas range, and I can't wait to see how he turns out when used. 
Candy Mountain Bubble Bar. This pink vanilla bar is perfect for any super girly-girl and will be heading into somebody's pile of presents very soon (once I get round to all of my wrapping!)
Shower Time
Snow Fairy Shower Gel. LUSH's most popular Christmas goodie. This super pretty shower gel leaves you smelling like candyfloss and I've been saving my little pot for months now so that I could use it over Christmas.
Salt and Peppermint Bark Scrub. This has been one of my absolute favourites! I literally smell like a candy cane when I step out of the shower and I find the scrub stimulating but not scratchy.
Hand Care
Golden Handshake Hot Hand Mask. I had a mini pamper session last night with this one and it totally worked some miracles. Ever since I worked at a pub over summer I've been suffering from very localised dry patches on a couple of fingers, which can get very sore and itchy (to the extent that they've even bled!). After using this I could no longer feel the patches, so let's hope this stays this way for at least a few more days!
Old Father Time Soap. This has been keeping my hands smelling fresh and feeling soft for the past few weeks. I only wish it was a little prettier than plain old brown after you've used it a few times!

Santa Baby Lip Tint. This I was a little disappointed in. it may have been pot luck, but mine was very dry and as I have dry lips naturally I found it very hard to apply without soaking all of the moisture out!
What beauty goodies have you picked up last minute?


  1. Replies
    1. This facemask is so lovely for your skin. if you love cranberry you ought to give it a whirl!

      Steph x

  2. I never tried anything from Lush but I am very curious.. any MUST-product?



    1. Definitely try their Love Lettuce face mask - it was my first one and is great for combi skin. Also their H'Suan Wen Sua hair mask is incredible for your hair

      Steph x


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