3 December 2015

The Magic Ingredient | Why I Love Raw, Organic Honey

Most of us know that honey has been used for eons as an antibacterial agent and ingredient in cooking, yet we often overlook its potential to aid our health. And so, we either neglect to use it or use cheap pasteurised honey, which unfortunately has had many of its positive active agents killed off by the process of pasteurization. 

So, I teamed up with Hilltop Honey to give you guys some ideas about what you can use your raw organic honey to create. So, here are my favourite honey filled snacks: 
- Honey and banana topped rice cakes
- Honey topped smoothies
- Homemade jam, sweetened with honey
- Blueberry and honey topped porridge

Now, I was fortunate enough to try out Hilltop Honey's lime wildflower honey, which had such a deliciously unique flavour that I loved using it in all of my recipes. 

Hilltop Honey actually offers another lovely service, in that you can adopt a bee for simply £10. you get to name the bee, receive a certificate and get updates on the progress of Hilltop  Honey's bees for a year. I naturally had to name mine Barry after the hero of the Bee Movie (something that always tugs on my heart strings).

Anyway, back to why I always love having honey in the house: hair masks. I have fairly long and very thick hair that can be quite unruly, so I try to treat it in some way on a weekly basis. One of my favourite deep treatments is to make a hair mask with honey, olive oil and egg. This softens your hair, moisturises it, encourages root growth and gives it a lovely shine. I try to avoid smothering my hair in chemicals as much as possible, so i find this a great natural alternative to a mask from a sachet or bottle.

What's your favourite way to use honey?

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