28 January 2016

A Shiny New Project | #NourishYourself Twitter Chats

Before we get on to the juicy new project, I'm going to bring up some ancient history: why I started this blog way back in 2014. (TW) For several years I've suffered with fairly severe depression as well as self harm, and whilst I was at uni I had the time to think about what I could do about it. Changing my diet was a big one (probably should stop living off of curly fries and bacon was my main thought here), as well as taking time out to take care of my body with exercise and a little pamper every now and again. My blog was a way to harness these changes and share some of my favourite ways to nourish yourself mentally and physically with you guys.

So, I've spoken a little bit about things I've done to help, with my Body Confidence post and Beating the January Blues post. These are few and far between though, so I've decided to start up a Twitter chat that will run every Thursday from 7-8 (yes that means tonight will be the first one, eeek!) and Sunday from 6-7. This #NourishYourself chat is going to be all about us bloggers taking care of our minds and bodies. Alongside this, I've made a Facebook group where we can all share our blog posts that encourage wellness and happiness. 

This isn't entirely a shameless self-promo, I really do want to get all of you involved in this! Plus I'd love to get to know a few more of you a little better (and hopefully you feel the same way about me!)

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