29 January 2016

Nourish My Hair | Getting Coconutty with Faith in Nature*

Having recently started dying my hair, I'm extra conscious about keeping it hydrated and in good condition. Coconut oil has gotten really popular in the beauty world over the last year or so, and pretty much functions as our all-in-one miracle cure. It's my go-to for a moisturising hair mask if I want to soften my hair.
So, I decided to give the Faith in Nature organic coconut shampoo* and conditioner* a go. This was probably the first conditioner that I've ever used as much of as the shampoo - my hair just totally seemed to soak it up and want more and more! A twice weekly hair wash with these has kept my hair grease free and seemed to improve my dandruff as well (hallelujah!). This winter has been particularly tough on my hair - it's been cold, I've taken the dye plunge and I've stopped hair drying it in an attempt to help thicken it, so it should be pretty cavewomanish, but thankfully this has stopped it. I'm not going to lie, having mermaid hair is totally one of my life goals for 2016, and what better way to make a start than smelling all tropical-ly with coconut and having really soft locks? And yes, I have been asking everyone to "feel how soft my hair is" every five minutes for the past few months!
What's been your go to hair care product this winter?

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