9 February 2016

New Look Homeware Haul | Latest Blog Props

If you've been catching up with my latest stationary post, you'll know that I've been on the hunt for some pretty blog props for Instagram posts and to improve my blogging photo game. To my joy I've discovered New Look's home range amongst the depths of my local store. I was pretty much Aladdin in the Cave of Wonders, gazing around at all the beautiful treasure surrounding me.
So, after a lengthy decision making time (much to the despair of my boyfriend who was so done with being forced to sniff every candle in the store), and a realisation that my budget didn't stretch to buy everything that smelled or looked pretty, these were what I settled on as necessary to improving my life, obvs:
Prosecco and elder flower tealights
These smell INSANE. I'm a bit of a candle addict, and my house is a bit of a Yankee candle/pretty tealight treasure trove, but this is possibly the best smelling candle I've ever come across. And that includes candy cane AND vanilla cupcake ones. Elder flower and prosecco are some of my favourite things anyway, and this combination is subtle, floral and a little sweet. I cannot get enough!
Butterfly Lantern
What use are tealights without a pretty holder? This is such an awesome blog prop, and fits perfectly in the back of my white-themed Instagram photos.
Mini Poster Pack
I have spent SO long trying to find these on their website to no avail (literally tried everything, kill me). Inspirational posters are something I really need to keep me motivated at the moment, and I can't wait to use these in a college over my actual desk when I move house in June *squeals*. 
Pure Colour Blue Hairbrush (similar here)
Okay so this isn't exactly home ware, but I bought it in my home ware haul and I'm far too excited about it to leave it out of this post. I've been debating about getting a tangle teaser for SO LONG, but they always seem overpriced for basically a handle-less hairbrush. This one was really affordable and pretty - I haven't turned back since buying it and there'll be a whole post about why I've fallen in love with it soon!
Have you bought anything from their home ware section recently?

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