22 March 2016

Bunny Care | Nourish Your Pet

I've really been getting into Youtube a great deal more recently (and you can find my channel here), so as Easter's rapidly advancing, I shared a video with you all about why a bunny is NOT a good Easter present. Is there a better excuse to share pictures of Ted looking adorable? I think not, so I've shared some good'uns from the past few weeks for you in this post.

I wanted to give you a little glimpse into the world of house bunny ownership with them. You can see parts of Ted's MASSIVE hutch, which takes up SO much space in our living room. However, it's really important that bunnies have their space. In my personal opinion it's a little cruel to have them living in a tiny cage as most house bunnies do. As well as the size benefit, Ted's hutch also has a dark bedroom in it which he can hide in when he's feeling timid (or wants to go to the loo without the hamsters seeing!). 

Ted also has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to personal space, especially when it comes to food. 'You have a free spot on your chest? It's fine, I'll fill it. Oh, I see you wanted to take a selfie alone, PAH, my sass makes it MUCH better.' 

Unfortunately, he's also a chewer. I've lost phone cables, parts of my favourite handbag (why?!) and as you can see here, part of some of my favourite stationary before I managed to tear it from his little gnashers.

These are just a couple of things I really wanted to stress to you, as well as making sure your bunny's health is in tip top condition and their environments are sanitary and stress-free. So, here's the video: 
Finally, here are a couple of links to helpful websites if you are considering buying a bunny:

Blue Cross
Pets at Home

Would you like to see more detailed posts about how I look after my house bunny? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I've been hearing so much about bunnies with Easter coming up, but I have no idea why someone would buy someone a bunny for the holiday. It's so irresponsible, especially since they are special animals in need of special care. I hate how frivolous some people are with animals, even when it comes to having a dog. on another note, Ted is adorable! ♥

    1. Pets at Home actually stopped selling them over the Easter weekend because of it, which I'm so glad about!

      Steph x


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