12 March 2016

OOTD | Styling Winter Colours in Spring

Your first thought on seeing this post is probably, like mine, an oh LORDY she needs to start squatting more (why why WHY bum have you lost your shape?!). But, if you've read my posts on dealing with weight gain and weight gain vs blogger confidence you'll know that I'm handling this, and I'm (almost) over how flabby and shapeless my bum is.

ANYHOW, let's get past the pity butt party for one shall we, and talk about this outfit. I've recently started taking more pride in what I wear, and a lot of people have noticed. Yes, I spend 90% of the time swaddled in my dressing gown in the house, but when I do go out I put an effort in.

So, on my nan's 80th I decided to jazz things up a little monochrome style. Although a lot of people like having a black and white outfit for winter, I love it in Spring as the white provides quite a fresh contrast to it's darker partner. 

These skinny jeans (similar here) are my go to, and have been for a couple of years now. Despite endlessly getting asked by the older generation whether my knees get cold (no), they make a lot more of a statement than plain old black jeans. Paired with my favourite statement black heels (similar here), I tend to opt for this look over a dress on a night out or big event.

This leather and suede style jacket (similar here) and cream top (similar here) were my best picks of the New Look January sales and I can't wait to style them with more outfits.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I had so much fun photographing it, especially with my little squirrel friend who popped up to say hello (see if you can spot him)!

What is your favourite transitional outfit this season?


  1. Black and white, all the way! To be honest, my first thoughts were damn, those HEELS!

    x Reg


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