24 March 2016

Vegan Chocolate Easter Haul

GUYS IT'S ALMOST  EASTER. I am so SO excited (in case you couldn't tell). Easter is always a wonderful time in our house, full of reflection, family get-togethers and of course the all important chocolate. Having an Irish family has major benefits at this time - who needs an Easter egg from one Aunt when you have seven? SO. MUCH. CHOCOLATE.

Anywho, moving on from the chocolate hype (ha, as if!), I actually gave chocolate up for March and it has been torturous. You can have a peek at my fundraising dechox page here and please please sponsor me to help raise money for the British Heart Foundation. This meant that when I filmed the video all about my vegan chocolate haul I was pretty much salivating, and looking at these goodies is making me feel the same.

As well as being vegan, the goodies I'll be sharing with you are all nut free. Living with a partner with a nut allergy makes it really hard for me to find vegan treats sometimes, so I've been extra excited about all of these!

Here's a quick roundup of what I picked up and why:

Moo Free Bunnycomb Egg
I've sacrificed this to go to the boyfriend's mum as an Easter present because she avoids soya and dairy, and chocolate that does this is basically impossible to find. I was SO excited about this and may have to pick up a cheeky replacement in the post Easter weekend Easter egg sales aka *it's the most wonderful time of the yeaaaar*.

Moo Free Original Organic Mini Moo Original
This is my absolute FAVOURITE vegan/dairy free chocolate bar of all time. In my video I bang on about things actually tasting like normal chocolate because this was the first milk vegan chocolate I had tried that actually did!

Moo free Mini Moos Bunnycomb Bar
I'm anticipating this tasting something like a thin guilt-free Crunchie, plus it has a bunny on the front, so I mean, who can be disappointed with that?!

Moo Free Mini Moos Mint Bar
I have a confession to make: After Eights are my guilty pleasure and I have been known to consume an entire box in a *cough* slightly less than average space of time. I genuinely cannot wait to try this dark chocolate minty bar out and see if it will rid me of these cravings for naughty minty treats.

Cocoa Libre Easter Chicks
Is there anything more perfect? Seriously though these baby chickens are absolutely adorable and super tasty.

Cocoa Libre Orange Chocolate Frogs
Any of my fellow HP fans out there loving the idea of a vegan chocolate frog? I know I am. Seriously though, I'm so ready to see if this can take on the holy grail that is a Terry's chocolate orange!

Cocoa Libre Sheep
I bought these around Christmas time (here's a post dedicated to Cocoa Libre all about parts of their range) and couldn't help but repurchase this suitably Spring-y treat because um sheep are pretty awesome ... and tasty. 

D & D Chocolate Fondant Egg Halves
I cracked one of these open when I filmed my vegan chocolate haul video and oh my god the centre is amazing. Ever wanted a vegan creme egg? This is the closest I have come on my journey to finding one.

Finally, here's my Youtube film of the haul, featuring me making a mess of myself and explaining about the goodies in a bit more detail!

I hope you enjoyed hearing all about my vegan chocolate haul - here's to a week of scoffing my face (in moderation of course, mwahahahaha).


  1. I've never come across Moo Free before, but I'm really intrigued as I'm desperate to reduce dairy in my diet xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. These look delicious!


  3. These look so good! x
    Louise | helloteddy.co.uk

  4. I have really started to get hungry while reading your post...:-) I hope you are having a wonderful time with your family! Tina Maria

    1. Haha I got hungry filming/writing it!

      Steph x


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