7 May 2016

April Favourites, Monthly Life Update + VIDEO

It's time for another monthly favourites post. You guys seemed to enjoy my February favourites and March favourites, so it's time for round three. I actually love doing these posts, but this month I really didn't have time to get the photography just how I wanted it (dang it). However, my goal for the next month is to up my photography game again so that my May favourites post can be fully of pretty pictures for you guys. 

This post is a little late because I've been waiting for the Youtube video that goes with it to actually upload (third time lucky, right?!). I've been on a spending ban for April, so these are all things I picked up beforehand and have refound a love for in the past month of not buying anything new. So, without further ado, here's my favourites for the month:

Korres Bergamot Pear Body Milk

As I'm moving soon, I packed up my *small* collection of moisturisers to send to my mum's for the time being, alongside some few other bits and bobs that I didn't need for the time being. This was the only one I kept because it has the most gorgeous spring scent. It's sweet and subtle. Plus, the moisturiser itself doesn't apply too thickly like a body butter, so it won't make your skin greasy now that it needs a little less TLC as the winter months are over. 

LUSH BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask

I think we all know how much I love LUSH face masks, but the last two I've tried did very little for my dry to combination skin. So, I went back to an old favourite of mine - BB Seaweed - and realised that I was just using face masks that weren't appropriate for my skin type. This one is very gentle on the skin, and as I have super sensitive skin on my face this is possibly the most important factor for me. The one downside is that the chunks of seaweed in it do make you like a teensy bit like a monster from the deep. But, your face feels soft afterwards, so I'll take the ten minutes of being a troll!

LUSH Happy Hippy Shower Gel

When I first tried this I absolutely hated it. I'm a big fan of sweet scents and this one is very zesty as it contains grapefruit oil. However, since then it's found a firm spot in my gym bag. Happy Hippy makes me feel totally refreshed and enlivened after a tough gym session, plus it's small enough to fit into my bag easily.

Small Animal Finger Brush

I can't find one of these anywhere online, argh! I think it originally came from Pets at Home. I love using this little thing to give our dwarf hamsters a quick groom. 

Twinings Apple & Elderflower Green Tea

This is basically heaven in a mug. Elderflower is one of my favourite flavours (there is nothing better than elderflower cordial and ice on a summer day) and I'm absolutely obsessed with green tea. This is my go-to when I'm feeling a bit rubbish and want something special to drink.

Here's my April favourites video:

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What were your favourites this month?

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