7 October 2016

LUSH Halloween Haul

LUSH Halloween Haul. Nourish ME: www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

LUSH Halloween Haul. Nourish ME: www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

LUSH Halloween Haul. Nourish ME: www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

LUSH Halloween Haul. Nourish ME: www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

LUSH Halloween Haul. Nourish ME: www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

LUSH Halloween Haul. Nourish ME: www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

LUSH Halloween Haul. Nourish ME: www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

LUSH Halloween Haul. Nourish ME: www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

The weather over the past fortnight has really started to gain a chill to it, and as it gets colder my desire to have a bath before bed gets stronger. I've been hyped about LUSH releasing their Halloween range for weeks now, and I wasn't disappointed. What I am a little disappointed about however, is how close the Halloween and Christmas releases were - just one week apart! I would love to have a haul coming up asap for their Christmas range, but with moving home just around the corner, I simply can't justify buying a whole extra box of bathing goodies. 

With that little rant aside, I am very impressed with this year's range. There are some bits we've since before, but also a good couple of newbies in there, including the much anticipated Autumn Leaf. I didn't actually buy the entire range. If you're a big LUSH fan, you'll probably notice that the Lord of Misrule bits and pieces are missing. I picked the shower gel up last year and just wasn't bowled over by it, so I gave it a miss and opted for some other goodies instead.

First, let's chat bath bombs. There's something so luxurious about popping an entire bath bomb into your bath, filling the room with a heady scent and making your bath a gorgeous colour. If I truly want to pamper myself and feel good, a bath bomb is definitely the way forward. Autumn Leaf is the product that I really fell for from the very beginning, when LUSH had their Creative Showcase and I got to see a whole load of bloggers and vloggers talking about the new releases. This is the only product from the range that I've tried thus far and I fell more than a little in love. I'm seriously considering stocking up on reams of these to last me all year year round. It smells like crisp mornings and it made my bath the precise colour of fallen Autumn leaves. It was honestly divine. 

Monster's Ball is supposedly inspired by Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc, and I can definitely see the resemblance. This is probably the bath bomb that I'm least excited for (but it is a tough choice between the three). It turns your bath a pinky-purpley colour, but has a citrussy scent. I'm waiting to see how this feels in the bath as it seems like a bit of a clashing combination! 

The third and final bath bomb I got my hands on is the Pumpkin bath bomb. From online demos that I've watched (and there may have been more than just one or two - whoops), this is the one that fizzes up quickest, and bobs around your bath, sizzling with glorious orange pumping out as it goes. The scent of this reminds me of fizzy sweets from my childhood, and would be the perfect treat for a Spooky October evening.

Next I picked up a couple of bath melts. Ceridwen's Cauldron isn't strictly part of their Halloween range as far as I'm aware, despite the spooky name. Correct me on that one if I'm wrong. This bath melt contains milk and oats all wrapped up in a muslin cloth. I have eczema on my hands due to over washing with liquid soap at work (the idea of not washing my hands after clearing plates as a waitress is just pretty disgusting to be honest, so I wash them almost incessantly). Milk and oats are supposed to be amazing at helping to ease the itching and soreness of eczema, so I'm hoping this bath melt can do wonders for me! 

The other bath melt I grabbed is Boo, the little ghost. This one promises to turn your bath a milky colour so that you can hide in it just like Boo does. I don't think I've actually used one of LUSH's bath oil melts before, so I'm pretty excited to see if this makes my skin super soft; a priority for me now that it's about to start facing the harsh ravages of Winter.

Bubble bars are probably the most cost effective of LUSH's range of types of bath goodies. Whereas I always dunk an entire bath bomb in to get the right effects from it, I always break my bath bombs into chunks so that I can get a good few baths out of them. My all time favourite is A French Kiss, which contains lavender as its main scent, which always makes me feel blissful, so the Sparkly Pumpkin has its work cut out for it! This is something that I've seen come out year after year (I think) and it's just absolutely beautiful. For the past few years however - weep for me - I've not really had access to a bath because I've been living in grotty student houses, so I'm super happy that I've finally managed to get my hands on this to try it out!

Finally, I got the Fireside soap. This is probably least exciting for you guys, but as I can't use liquid soap, treating myself to a LUSH solid soap is always a bit of a whirl. I would love to be able to use all of the fun Carex scents on a daily basis, or chill out with some  moisturising Radox hand soap, but I've had to give it all up. Fireside soap smells like cloves, Atumn spices and vanilla all rolled into one. I'm saving this to be the first soap we use in our new home and I just cannot wait. 

Here's my video detailing my first impressions, first sniffs and first bout of going gooey-eyed over the range: 

What have you picked up from the range? Let me know if you'd like to see a Christmas post too!

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  1. wow! I wanna try them!


    1. I can't wait to try them all either!

      Steph x


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