15 November 2016

28 small things to do to help turn around a bad day

28 small things to do to help turn around a bad day. Nourish ME: www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

1.) Spend all day in your favourite PJs.

2.) Make a toasty hot cup of tea in your favourite mug.

3.) Call/skype a friend or relative that you've been missing.

4.) Have a bath. Fill it with a special bath bomb and lots of bubbles.

5.) Write a letter to someone.

6.) Binge watch a show you haven't seen before on Netflix.

7.) Bake something new.

8.) Put your bedding in the wash with scent boosters and then in the dryer to make it warm, cosy and smell beautiful.

9.) Do a facemask.

10.) Buy your favourite snack/meal and treat yo self with it (my go-to on this one is definitely nachos with cheese and salsa, mmm)

11.) Do an overnight hair mask.

12.) Cook a recipe that you've been wanting to try for ages.

13.) Wear your favourite, cosiest socks.

14.) Light some candles.

15.) Sing in the shower.

16.) Get organised by making a to-do list and then power through it.

17.) Snuggle up with your favourite cuddly toy and a soft blanket.

18.) Spend a few hours catching up on some reading.

19.) Do a jigsaw puzzle.

20.) Catch up on your Youtube subscriptions.

21.) Clear out some of your unwanted clothes and take them to a charity shop.

22.) Spend some time with your pet(s).

23.) Go for a walk, blasting your favourite tunes through your headphones.

24.) Tidy the room that you spend the most time in.

25.) Put your comfiest, slobbiest outfit on and revel in it.

26.) Alternatively, put on a snazzy outfit, do your makeup and take some bomb-ass selfies.

27.) Tell someone how you're feeling, even if it seems silly.

28.) Remember that you are worth it, and one bad day doesn't necessarily mean every day in the future will be bad.

I feel like I've been struggling a little (or a lot) with my mental health over the last week or two, and these are mostly things which I've felt have helped me from sinking. I hope you find this helpful in some way!

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  1. This is such a timely post with the events of last week. Great suggestions!

    1. Yes, it really wasn't a brilliant week for the world. Thank you

      Steph x

  2. Great ideas, everyone needs a little pick me up every now and then :)

    1. Definitely! Sometimes the little things make all the difference

      Steph x

  3. Very helpful post. I'm sure all of this fantastic tips gonna work! <3


  4. I love this post!! I must admit when I am feeling a bit down, I find myself baking everything I can get my hands on! It's very therapeutic!x

    Honeypot Blogs

    1. Baking is something that completely relaxes me too. And eating the goodies afterwards doesn't hurt either!

      Steph x


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