11 November 2016

L'Oreal Elvive Colour Protect Range

L'Oreal Colour Protect Range review. Nourish ME: www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

L'Oreal Colour Protect Range review. Nourish ME: www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

It's no secret that I've been colouring my hair for about a year now. Originally my hair was a very dark brown (almost black) colour, but now the top two-thirds are a deep red and it fades down to a gingery blonde. It looks nicer than I'm making it sound, and definitely makes me feel Autumnal.

I went through several shades, none of them extreme, during this past year, and whilst I was very concerned about making sure I didn't have bad roots, I kept finding that my colour was actually fading before the roots had a chance to show through.

To be honest, I thought that shampoos for coloured hair were a bit of a gimmick. So, I stuck to my guns of normal shampoo. But, one day I decided I was sick and tired of my hair just not looking bright enough, and having to spend extra money on hair dye because everything was fading. The L'Oreal Elvive colour protect range was something that so many people recommended to me. I had no idea where to start with shampoos for coloured hair, so reached out to everyone on Twitter and this is what most people said I should try.

I have to say that I have become a convert to shampoos that protect your colour. I was a little bowled over by the impact of this on my hair. The blonde/ginger ends no longer look dull, and my hair hasn't needed any kind of touch up in what feels like forever now. 

I picked up their hair masque as well as a bottle of shampoo and conditioner because let's face it, long, thick, coloured hair is hardly known for keeping its moisture. I love doing hair masks for a bit of a pamper, but this is one of only two that I've ever tried that you can just do in the shower. Usually you're recommended to keep them on for around an hour, and often I like to just keep it in overnight to really give my hair a boost. However, this one from L'Oreal just needs to be popped on for two minutes after you condition your hair to give it an extra little bit of moisture lock-in. My one word of warning is that you really need to make sure you wash it all out, otherwise your hair starts to look very greasy very quickly.

I loved this range, and these will definitely prove to be a repurchase in the future!

What's your fave hair care range at the moment?

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  1. I love using hair masks! :)

    Sophie | www.imsophiedee.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Hair masks make me feel so good!

      Steph x


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