29 June 2017

35 Thoughts I had whilst watching the PLL finale

35 Thoughts I had whilst watching the PLL finale

This post is obviously going to have a whole bucket load of spoilers in it, so if you haven't watched the finale yet (and have managed to avoid the internet well enough), then please don't read any further because this is gonna go way in depth on all the moments that had me WTH-ing. Originally this was going to be a top ten style post but that finale was too filled with dramatic (and really strange) twists and turns to limit myself to a reasonable number.

1.) Oh, okay. We're one year on for no apparent reason. And nothing really seems to have changed much in the Liars' lives.

2.) Alison and Emily totally have twins which is cool, but y'know their whole family dynamic is odd because Emily and Alison are just not a believable couple. There's no romance there.

3.) Is Ali wearing a wig???

4.) WHY did they make it so that Ali suddenly turned into a lesbian despite being straight the whole way through? Couldn't they have just, y'know, stuck with a character who was lesbian/bi throughout? Like, y'know, Paige? Also Ali was a PRICK to Emily for most of the show and manipulated her feelings.

5.) All of a sudden Caleb is a total dick all of the time; moody, sharp with Hanna. And at the end they still just couple up.

6.) Aria can't have a baby. Which is an interesting idea, but odd to throw in on the very last episode. 

7.) If someone told me 'it's okay, we'll just adopt' when I found out I was infertile I would be FUMING.

8.) Also, I'm still not over the whole Ezra is a manipulative paedophile thing. I've written a whole post on this here before. The whole 'cute' wedding left a sour taste in my mouth.

9.) Clearly the original wedding is not going to go to plan because holy moly that dress is hideous Aria. They have to have a second dress for the real thing. 

10.) Melissa's back. And Jenna. And all the mothers. Basically every single character who's been important at some point and isn't dead is here.

11.) I've always thought that A.D. could be Melissa ... I like that idea.

12.) The Ali and Emily proposal was just one big reminder of Ali being a dick let's face. Emily deserves better and the proposal was basically her asking to  be stopped from being a dick.

13.) Though the grandmother's ring thing was cute.

14.) Spencer's been kidnapped omg WHO IS A.D.


16.) Jesus Christ that English accent is awful. It sounds like exactly the kind of English accent that I cannot stand hearing. Is it even worth watching the rest now?

17.) Right yep, it's the evil twin thing. Do you know what this is like? The Bart and evil twin Hugo Simpsons episode all over again.

 18.) Oh of course, Mary Drake conveniently forgot to mention a twin. AND the midwife didn't mention to Spencer's dad that btw, Mary gave birth to a second baby. Cause y'know, why would she????

19.) PSA, London is not a completely backwards place in which a ten year old can run away from an orphanage and make her way alone on the streets. It's not Oliver Twist.

20.) The 'mirror' trick was pretty cool though.

21.) WHY was it not an actual character? Did they really need to make a brand new character just so no one would guess A.D. ARGH.

22.) Do NOT search twitter for spoilers. See this through, c'mon Steph. It can't get more weird.

23.) Oh, anti-Spencer has been imposing as Spencer for a while and no one noticed. Brill. 

24.) And she killed Wren? Wth when did that happen? 

25.) That Addison is an actual bitch wow.

26.) Oooh Ezra's not turned up to the wedding omg. Oh wait no, he's just been kidnapped. Of course. That's going to be an awkward one to explain ...

27.) WHERE'S MIKE? I mean, are we expected to forget Aria's brother/Mona's ex-lover/blood hoarding 'good guy'? They didn't even attempt to make an excuse for his lack of appearance.

28.) Lol at how awkward Ezra is trying to get Aria's dad's blessing. Urm mate you were meant to be her teacher, of course there was no blessing. 

29.) WREN IS THE FATHER OF THE TWINS. OMG. BUT NO ONE KNOWS. How does this not come up again???? 

30.) Poop on a scoop anti-Spencer has made a new dollhouse with an outdoors bit.

31.) What was that bush-jump Ezra????

32.) Aww okay, things are going to end all cute, everyone's happy, eeek.

33.) Oh there's more.

34.) Mona's actually insane?! I always thought it was a cover up to get her access to more things but she made a new dollhouse (In France for some reason?).

35.) Oh Jesus Christ I don't have another seven years to spend finding out what happened to Addison. Was that weird v v unlikely parallel even necessary? Nope.

What did you think of the finale?

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  1. I'm pretty sure everyone is disappointed! haha I haven't seen anyone who was happy with the results, which has put me off watching it all now lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. The series is definitely worth a watch, but it really was a frustrating ending. They never seem to get them right!

      Steph x

  2. These were all my thoughts too, especially number 22 - the temptation to just log onto twitter and find out what happened was real when I got about half an hour in. I quite liked the finale overall but I hated how they left it - too gossip girl inspired. Like how could all of that happen again in the exact same way?!

    Maddie x | thatplacecalledhere.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I always get so tempted by spoilers because I want to know exactly what's going on asap!

      Steph x


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