29 July 2017

French lavender hand cream (that leaves your hands grease-free)

French lavender hand cream (that leaves your hands grease-free)

I'm a serial hand-washer. There's no two ways about it, I'm obsessed. I'm not saying this because 'omg so proud about how clean I am', but because I do it to a point where I require hand cream to salve the damage I create. I work in a restaurant, and wash my hands after every dirty plate I touch. That's a whole lotta plates. 

Admittedly, the skin on my hands is a lot worse in winter. Not only does it have to cope with lots of soap irritation, but also wind chapping. In winter I need some seriously heavy duty creams, but in summer I can get away with something a little lighter. This is where this beauty from Bath and Body Works comes in.

I've tried so many different hand creams. I've got half a desk drawer of them. I've even tried the holy grail of hand creams for sore hands: The Body Shop's hemp oil cream. Every time I mention that my hands are cracked or dry someone recommends it to me. The problem is that it doesn't sink into my skin properly (and irritates my sensitive skin, but y'know). So, I'm left with sticky, tacky hands. Which makes me want to wash them again. It leads to a vicious cycle and makes the whole point of using the cream useless.

I didn't have high hopes for this mini French lavender scented hand cream from Bath and Body Works. I totally picked it up because lavender is my fave scent ever, not because I thought it would save my hand skin. #priorities. 

However, I've finally found a cream that sinks into my skin perfectly. It smells amazing, it's lightweight and it totally evaporates into my skin. It doesn't irritate my very sensitive eczema-prone skin at all, although this doesn't mean it might not do it to someone else. I've finally found the product that provides balance between moisturing my hands without leaving a film of hand cream behind. I LOVE it, and the next time I head back to America this is at the top of my 'need to buy' list.

What do you use to keep your hands moisturised?

(This is totally not sponsored, I just have a whole lotta love for it) 

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