6 August 2017

Soap and Glory foot rescue duo

Soap and Glory foot rescue duo

Soap and Glory foot rescue duo

Soap and Glory foot rescue duo

Soap and Glory foot rescue duo

Working on your feet all day must have some perk somewhere down the line, but I'm not sure I've found it yet. The dull pain you get in your heels at the end of a long day never really goes away, no matter how often you work on your feet, or how long you've done it for.

A little pamper is my favourite kind of indulgence. A face mask, hot bath and lots of candles are a vital part of my mental health self care routine. But, sometimes it's important to remember to take care of the bits of your body you don't associate pampering or skin care with.

Without getting too OTT, your feet guide you on this earth, and if Yoga with Adriene has taught me one thing, it's how important taking care of them is. FYI, if you're into yoga, then her channel is one of the best out there to help improve your practice. 

My self-care/pamper routine with my feet involves a hot bath and face mask obvs. I set myself up with a book, lots of candles and my favourite shower gel. Towards the end of the bath I reach for my Soap and Glory Scrub of your life. It's honestly the best scrub I've ever used. I massage it into all areas of my feet: the heels, the ball, the toes. I actually take the time to take care of my feet and think about all the pressure I put them under and how important they are.

I have quite sensitive skin, so I always have to moisturise after exfoliating. Every single foot lotion I've ever tried is peppermint scented, and I hate it. But, Soap and Glory's heel genius butter 1.) doesn't smell like peppermint and 2.) really works its way into my feet and makes them SO SOFT. I slather this on, and again, massage it into my feet, and then pop my fluffiest bed socks on for a few hours.

This pair is honestly a godsend for people who work on their feet all day, and it's one of my favourite parts of my pamper routine. What do you do to keep your feet soft and happy?

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  1. I've been looking for a new foot lotion. I will definitely check out this one. Plus, I love the scent of Soap and Glory products! ♥

    1. Me too, they smell incredible - so sweet!

      Steph x


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